24-Hour Emergency Plumbing Services in Sacramento: What Every Homeowner Should Know

If your Sacramento home is experiencing a plumbing emergency, call the local experts, Bell Brothers, at 916-226-9799 for 24-hour service and advice 7 days a week, or select our online scheduling tool HERE. We offer free estimates for residential sewer, plumbing, faucet, drain, and pipe dilemmas. Our team of professional plumbers are called The No Surprise Guys for a reason; the price we quote is the price you’ll pay. 

emergency plumbing services sacramentoSacramento really is a unique place. For years, people have preferred to frequent locally-owned businesses and try out DIY solutions, even before those things became the hottest trends. Sometimes, though, our can-do spirit can get us into sticky situations—ones where maybe we should have said can-don’t. For instance, like when it becomes clear you need emergency plumbing services from a Sacramento expert.

While I can’t help but admire the gumption of someone who tries to tackle plumbing emergencies on their own, the end result is generally far from ideal. Some of the most challenging and extensive plumbing jobs I’ve ever been called in on have been related to or stemming from amateur quick fixes that started with the best of intentions before ultimately making things worse.

Your home’s plumbing is a complex system of pipes that’s hard to get to—and high risk to repair. It’s kind of like your body or the insides of your computer in that way; I don’t know many people who would operate on those things themselves. So, don’t try it with your Sacramento home’s plumbing, either.

With this in mind, I think it’s worthwhile for everyone to review the proper steps one should take when they need emergency plumbing services in Sacramento. That way, should the unthinkable and inconvenient ever occur, you’ll be properly prepared with a pipe emergency response plan.

The Best Advice When You Need Emergency Plumbing Services in Sacramento

24 hour sacramento emergency plumbing expertsMy main advice when you have the impulse to conduct your own emergency plumbing services in your Sacramento home is to keep calm as chances are that something chaotic will be happening. That’s just the nature of emergency plumbing situations.

Imagine a clog that prevents you from using a drain, a leaky faucet that sends water spraying whenever someone tries to use it, a sewage backup into a workroom sink or bathtub, or, worst of all, a ruptured pipe that won’t stop leaking. I get it, these situations are about as unpleasant a calamity as can befall one at home. And, our can-do Sacramento spirit makes it mighty tempting to dive right in. But please follow my simple, expert advice: Stay calm—then call a professional plumber.

Bell Brothers, Sacramento’s emergency plumbing experts for 15 years, offers 24/7 emergency service repair. Give our No Surprise Guys a call today for a free in-home estimate. The price we quote is the price you’ll pay. Dial 916-226-9799 for 24 hour service and advice 7 days a week, or select our online scheduling tool HERE. 

Expert Emergency Plumbing Services Offered in Sacramento by the Bell Brothers Team

The professional plumbers at Bell Brothers rank as Sacramento’s experts in plumbing. Our suite of services is able to handle any emergency plumbing need. We have years of experience solving the most common plumbing emergencies, including:

  • Water supply line repair or replacement: The most valuable thing your plumbing does for your home is to supply it with water. When this stops happening, for whatever reason, it can be quite frustrating, but don’t give in to the temptation to try to fix it yourself. There are a number of older and mid-century homes in Sacramento which often have complex and unique plumbing situations best left to professionals, like the ones at Bell Brothers, who count water supply line repair and replacement among our many plumbing services.
  • Main sewer and waste line repair: I talked about this a lot last winter when Sacramento’s wild winter weather was clogging sewer lines left and right, but a sewage backup is when the waste you flush out of your home has nowhere to go due to an obstruction in a sewer or waste line and comes flowing back up into the drains or toilets in your house. It’s one of the nastiest plumbing emergencies that can happen to a Sacramento homeowner, so I understand the impulse to freak out and try to take action. But don’t do it. Given the potentially hazardous nature of sewage, and the fact that your lines are often buried, any repairs can be messy and difficult. Bell Brothers plumbers specialize in both regular and trenchless sewer repair, either of which can fix your issue quickly, efficiently, and without you having to get your hands dirty.
  • Standard or tankless water heater installation: Now, a busted water heater might not seem like an emergency to some homeowners but, if you’re anything like me, not being able to take a hot shower at night or in the morning is about as bad as things can get. At Bell Brothers, we specialize in both tankless water heater installation for Sacramento homes, as well as installation of the standard models. I know it’s hard to keep calm without a warm shower to cool you off, but give it a try. Installing one of these yourself is labor intensive and more complicated than you can imagine. It can also be downright dangerous because it involves your home’s gas line.

Non-Emergency Plumbing Services to Prevent Pipe Problems in Sacramento Homes

Really, though, the best way to guard against needing emergency plumbing services for your Sacramento home is to get non-emergency preventative services performed on a regular basis, or whenever a smaller problem starts to rear its head. Bell Brothers provides many options for plumbing repairs and maintenance, ultimately ensuring that your home’s plumbing system is as effective and efficient as possible, including:

  • A video inspection of your hidden plumbing system
  • Incentives and rebates for efficient upgrades
  • Water conservation and management recommendations
  • Annual preventative maintenance programs
  • Water quality assessments, treatment, conditioning, and filtering

Plumbing problems can be tough to tackle and are usually best left to the pros—no matter how pressing your emergency. At Bell Brothers, our services strive to maintain comfort, even when piping calamities hit home. And, when it comes to proactive and preventative services, like water conservation in the Sacramento region, no one is more prepared to help your family than the plumbing professionals at Bell Brothers.

We’ve built a team of local expert plumbers to work alongside our HVAC and window teams, providing the highest quality emergency plumbing services to Sacramento residents thanks to our years of hands-on experience. We’re here to help you save money, conserve energy, preserve our natural resources, and maintain the highest standard possible for all your plumbing (or HVAC and window) needs.

Avoid do-it-yourself pitfalls and get help with your plumbing. Call the professionals at Bell Brothers today!

To book an appointment, give us a call at 916-226-9677 or select our online scheduling tool HERE. We can assess your entire plumbing and sewer system for efficiency—as well as your HVAC system, windows, insulation, and more.

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