The Benefits of a Programmable Thermostat

Have you heard about programmable thermostats? A programmable thermostat performs two simple but very effective functions. It regulates your air conditioners call for cool air during periods of warm temperatures and the opposite for your furnace when the weather is cool. As an example: If your home is unoccupied during certain hours of the day, a programmable thermostat can be set to turn the air conditioner down during those times and then back up to a comfortable setting just before you arrive home from work. During heating cycles, the same principle is applied. The temperature is adjusted so that energy is not expended when your home is unoccupied then set back up just before your scheduled arrival back home. Essentially, by using this device, your energy usage and costs for both heating and cooling can be reduced substantially. Why heat or cool an empty house?

Preferred Programmable Thermostats

Bell Brothers sells a selection of programmable thermostats that the company can install as a replacement for your existing thermostat that will work well with our line of heating and air conditioning products. Each technician has a fully stocked truck with several options to best suite your needs. One of our most common ones is the Honeywell TH6000 Series, helping reduce and control your costs for heating and cooling your home. Some of the benefits of this programmable thermostat is its large, easy to read, back-lit screen. It is also wireless, the batteries are easy to change and you get a five your manufacturers warranty on it with purchase. For the more tech savvy homeowner we like Honeywell’s improved version of the Nest. The Lyric thermostat offers tons of cool features and its retro sleek design makes it hardly noticeable. These are a little more expensive but worth it if you want to be able to program it from your smart phone.

Our team can work with you to demonstrate how you can set these thermostats follow a particular program schedule, turning to energy-saving levels while you’re at work or asleep. The unit can also perform similar functions while you are away from home, on vacation or on business trips. It’s no wonder these thermostats have proven to be so popular with homeowners. The amount of dollars that can be saved in energy costs is quite dramatic during these days of higher energy rates. What’s not to like about a programmable thermostat?

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Before the temperatures begin to soar, call Bell Brothers. They will answer any questions you might have regarding costs and installation details. The Honeywell unit can be adapted to your current system with very little, if any modification. Schedule an appointment before the hot days of summer are upon you!