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Good day to you neighbor, welcome to the Bell Brothers website. We’re a long-standing member of the San Leandro community offering friendly-professional ‘HVAC+Plumbing & More’ services you can depend on. How can we help you?

We put this specific webpage together for homeowners that haven’t had a chance to work with us yet. Here you can quickly get a much better idea of who we are and what we do. If on the other hand you’re experiencing an HVAC or plumbing-related emergency, or would rather speak to someone directly right now, simply call or use the button below.

Honestly, our company trucks (both for HVAC and plumbing calls) are in the San Leandro area fairly often. You may have already seen one or two zipping around. San Leandro is a working-class place, packed full of families and great diverse neighborhoods!

Since the early 1990’s we’ve watched it grow and thrive, and yet still hold on to its classic charms – like some of your unique architectural projects for example. That being said, let’s dive right into what you came here for.

Bell Bros: Consistent & Reliable San Leandro Homecare Solutions

  • Comprehensive HVAC Services: Bell Brothers specializes in residential HVAC repairs of all kinds (there’s no tool we don’t have), emergency maintenance (yep, even on Sundays), and ongoing tune-ups for your AC and Furnace systems. Need a new replacement unit? Great, let our technicians help you get the absolute best deal possible.
  • Full Residential Plumbing Services: We also employ some of the absolute best plumbers in the San Leandro area without question. From all the little things that pop up like leaks and clogs, to serious sewer issues or installing new fixtures like water heaters, we can handle everything for an outstanding price without surprises; Guaranteed!
  • Get Good Deeds For Free™: This means your Bell Bro HVAC tech or Plumber is going to be more than happy to do more than you expect – from walking your dog and taking the trash out (or in), to raking the leaves, sweeping up around the front door, to lots of other minor repairs around the house. We’re happy to do it, with big smiles on our faces every day. Not for some gimmick, but to give back to the families and communities we serve.
  • Genuine ‘Family-First’ Coverage: As a family-run company for decades we truly understand what it’s like to be in your shoes. You need quality materials, quality parts, long-lasting solutions and HVAC/plumbing services that come covered so you sleep easier. With Bell Bros you’ve got it – no headaches, and more importantly, no surprises.
  • 30+ Years of Local History: We put it all on the line day after day, year after year, and have for generations. Bell Brothers is a name that’s become synonymous with high-quality solutions, a very serious dedication to customer service, and a commitment to community. Don’t take our word for it, just have a look through our thousands of reviews from real homeowners in the San Leandro area and across Northern California.

What Our Customers Are Saying…

Alright, lots of great information for you in that last section. In this one we’d like to give a couple of our recent customers a chance to do the talking. After all, you can trust what people say in reviews. They have no reason to say anything that’s untrue.

Let’s start with this one, a first-time customer and fellow local business owner.

“Very satisfied with the company. The woman who took my call for an appointment over the phone was very polite and helpful. The service technician that came to my house was outstanding. I wish he worked for me! I recommend Bell Brothers to others, and this recommendation comes from a person who never has luck with anyone that works on my stuff. Thank you.”

Our pleasure. This is what it’s really all about. If you’re in the HVAC industry here in California and your reviews don’t sound like that you’re not going to make it to your ‘30 Years in Business!’ party.

“Excellent customer care and concern. They appreciate their clients. The tech was a fine diagnostician and got to the problem quickly and applied the solution. All the techs are clean, courteous and professional. They have maintained our equipment like new for six years. I’m grateful for the high degree of professionalism.”

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Are you experiencing an HVAC or plumbing-related issue with your San Leandro, CA home? You have absolutely nothing to lose by reaching out and giving our friendly staff a call. We can answer your questions, address lingering concerns you might have (often because of bad run-ins with other contractors), or get you scheduled for a free assessment/inspection at your nearest convenience. Thanks so much for your time.