5 Easy Fixes for Common Furnace Problems

5 Easy Fixes for Common Furnace Problems

One of the best things you can do for you HVAC system is to schedule regular maintenance. This helps you catch small problems before they become big issues. Though we always tell you to all a professional. There are a few furnace fixes you can do on your own.

Here are five common furnace problems and ways to fix them, so you stay warm and cozy all winter long.

Thermostat Troubles?

If your thermostat seems a bit “off,” it’s time to check the batteries. A low battery charge will sometimes cause a misread on the thermostat. Before changing batteries, always turn the thermostat to the off mode.

Once the new batteries are in, turn it back to ON, and within a few minutes, you should feel the heat working and matching the temperature you have chosen. Be sure the thermostat is also set on heat.

Not Enough Heat

If your furnace is set for heat and the air you feel is still cool, it’s time to see what’s going on. Start by checking your thermostat settings. Sometimes the error is as simple as someone bumping the dial accidentally to a lower temperature.

If you still do not feel enough heat from your vents, it may also help to do a mini reset of the thermostat by turning it off, waiting a few moments, and then turning it back to on.

Next, take a look at your air filter. Has it been a long time since it has been replaced? Your furnace will always run at maximum capacity when you have a clean, unclogged filter. Try replacing it for better airflow. And do not forget to check that your circuit breaker is also set to on.

Lastly, take a walk through your home and ensure all the vents are actually open. This is a simple oversight that can make a big difference in the heat flow in your home. If these troubleshooting points do not solve the issue, contact a furnace repair technician to examine and repair the problem.

Your Pilot Light is Out

Resetting the pilot light on your furnace is relatively easy to do. Remember that the pilot light may be small but plays a huge role in the furnace heating properly. To check the pilot light, turn off the furnace. Locate the front panel and open the small door on the furnace. Next, locate the front panel of your furnace. Open the small door on the panel and locate the pilot light. An active pilot light looks like a tiny match flame. If you see nothing, you know it is time to reset it. Light it again by briefly pressing the red button before letting go.

Once complete, turn your furnace back to ON. After a short while, you should feel the heat coming from your vents again. Is your furnace still not heating? Contact one of our heating repair professionals for assistance.

The Furnace is Short Cycling

Short cycling is just as it sounds…your furnace is not running long enough and is not completing its entire cycle to properly heat your home. The goal is to always have maximum airflow through the home. First, ensure both the supply and return vents are open. Should either be blocked, the airflow will not be able to distribute appropriately.

Be sure to check your air filter, too. As we previously mentioned, a clogged or dirty air filter will not allow for proper airflow, which will cause short cycling as well.

The Furnace Keeps Turning Off

On, off, on, off…does this sound like your furnace? A sure sign that something is wrong with your furnace is if it keeps turning off without running through its heating cycle. Always confirm the temperature on your thermostat is set accordingly.

Next, it’s time to go back and take a look at the air filter. This may seem like a common thing to check, but as mentioned before, it plays a significant role in the proper function of your furnace. A final step into determining why your furnace keeps turning off is to assess the flame sensor. A broken flame sensor is best managed by a furnace repair professional.

Do you still need someone to look at your furnace? The experts at Bell Brothers are on hand and ready to help. Simply call the number at the top of the screen or click here to schedule an appointment online.