Best Options for Window Privacy

Best Options for Window Privacy
If you don’t like the look of curtains, or you just want some sunshine without everyone seeing in, you can still get the privacy you crave. The options to cover your windows without conventional window treatments are virtually limitless, whether you want a temporary solution or a more permanent one.

Let’s explore the best options for window privacy, whether you’re looking for temporary solutions or investments in new soundproofing windows.

Double-Pane Windows for Sound Protection

If you have significant sound pollution in your area, such as a nearby airport or train, replacing single-pane windows with double-pane windows can reduce the noise that gets into your home. Like other options on this list, double-pane windows can be purchased on a budget, or you can opt for fancier and pricier options.

Single-pane windows are often found in homes that are 15 years or older and use just one pane of glass in the window frame, compared to double-pane windows, which are standard in new homes and consist of two panes of glass with space between them. This air barrier blocks some sound vibrations from coming through the glass, decreasing the noisiness in your home.

Window Inserts

Privacy isn’t just about what people can see – it’s also about what they can hear. If you live in an area with heavy noise pollution like sirens and loud neighbors, soundproofing window inserts help you block out the sound and ensure that your neighbors can’t hear everything going on in your house.

Soundproofing window inserts are effective at reducing sound penetration and may be installed in the window frame about 5 inches ahead of the interior face of the existing window. This leaves a space in between, preventing sound vibrations from passing through the glass. You can find soundproofing window inserts on a budget, or they can range to better soundproofing options if you need them.

Adhesive Window Film

Adhesive window film adds a decorative layer over your windows and gives some privacy. You can choose tinted film that blocks out prying eyes, and this film is excellent for helping your home stay warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Window film can be purchased at a local hardware store or a home improvement store and it’s simple to install.

Blinds and Shades for Window Privacy

Vinyl blinds and shades offer a clean, simple look that gives you some privacy without the use of curtains. Home improvement stores offer a wide range of different options for blinds in a range of sizes, colors, and price points, including Roman shades, vertical and horizontal blinds, and soft shades.

If you want to use blinds, measure the width and height of the window and purchase the right size at the store. Installation is simple – all you have to do is hang the brackets at the top corners of your windows, then hang the head rail and attach the valance over it once it’s firmly in place.

Vertical blinds, like the one in this image, are a great option for window privacy and sunlight.
Horizontal vinyl blinds are good if you’re on a budget, but you can find more sophisticated options if you want. Blinds are also good for allowing natural light to filter in without having your entire home on display. You can open them during the day and close them at night before you go to bed. If your windows are wider than they are tall, vertical blinds are a classy solution that can be adjusted to let in more light or give you more privacy.

Household Objects and Other Fun Options

If you need privacy in a pinch, like perhaps you just moved and you haven’t gotten around to getting window treatments, you can use a sign or screen in front of the window in the meantime. This is also a fast way to cover the window without a lot of work. Consider options like privacy screens, plants, artwork, or signs.

Image: Plants lined up in front of an open window. Plants are another option for some fun window privacy.

Here are some examples of how you can make this stylish:

  • If you have a farmhouse-chic aesthetic, a hand-painted sign with a cute message like “home is where the heart is” could be a nice touch.
  • If you have large bay windows or sliding doors that need some coverage, an ornate folding room divider gives your privacy in a pinch. It’s also easy to move as you need.
  • If you only want a little bit of a shield, place colorful vases or glass bottles in the windowsill for a display. They’ll provide some privacy, along with reflecting colored light into your home when the sun is shining.
  • You could also place a shelf with knick knacks, vases, and books in front of your window to provide some privacy. It won’t block out everything from the outside, but it will allow light to come in and prevent passersby from seeing inside your home, especially at night.

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