What Are the Best Replacement Windows for Sacramento’s Mediterranean Climate?

The most famous landmark in Sacramento, aside from the California State Capitol building, is the 10-block area in East Sacramento that we call the Fabulous Forties, a name that fits for a couple of reasons. First, these 10 blocks are the ones between 40th and 49th streets, bordered on one side by J Street and the other by Folsom Boulevard. Second, the homes there are truly fabulous. When Ronald Reagan was governor of California way back when, he even lived on 45th Street for most of his term.

It’s tough to overstate how prestigious the houses in this part of town are, and, in fact, I read in the paper recently that they’re actually boosting the value of real estate throughout all of Sacramento. I’m regularly amazed at how many beautiful homes are up for sale in the Fabulous Forties. These homes, which are often historic, have so much that are right about them and appeal to buyers that I sometimes worry that the people moving in won’t realize that something may also be wrong. The windows in old homes, for example, can be problematic if they haven’t been upgraded recently, allowing air and temperature leakage, especially given Sacramento’s unique climate. That’s why it behooves homebuyers to ask themselves, “What are the best replacement windows for Sacramento homes—and our Mediterranean climate?”

Investing in a beautiful home in East Sacramento, or any Sac Valley neighborhood, is a wonderful idea as property values here continue to rise. But, don’t take a complacent attitude toward your windows. A fantastic “old but new-to-you” house can still be vastly improved by the right replacement windows.

Choosing the Best Windows for a Mediterranean Climate

best replacement windows for homeAs I’m sure you know, Sacramento has a unique climate: hot, dry, and basically cloudless all summer long, but rainy and somewhat cold throughout the winter months. What you might not know, though, is that this is called a Mediterranean climate because it mirrors the conditions found in places like Greece and Italy. What even fewer homeowners that I’ve met realize is that living in a place that has extreme dry heat at times and wintry frigid wetness at others means we need to invest in windows with a better seal.

Windows are the biggest source of temperature loss, and thin windows can also make your home susceptible to mold and moisture damage on nearby walls.

It’s important to note what happens if you buy a home, even a beautiful historic home in the Fabulous Forties, and don’t invest in replacement windows. Many houses come with stock single pane windows, meaning there’s one thin piece of glass separating the air inside from the air outside. When this is the case, the temperature and air outside can pass somewhat easily through it. This means that during the hot and dry summer you’ll have to run your AC more to keep your home comfortable. Meanwhile, when our Mediterranean climate swings the other way and the cold and wet winter is upon us, you’ll have to turn up your furnace because your windows can’t keep cold out.

Windows are the biggest source of temperature loss, and thin windows can also make your home susceptible to mold and moisture damage on nearby walls. Simply put, you’ll want to invest in quality replacement windows.

So, What Are the Best Replacement Windows for Sacramento?

A beautiful home calls for windows to match. Consider the Fabulous Forties. All the houses on those streets aren’t gigantic. Sure, many are quite large, but having more is not what makes them fabulous. What makes them fabulous is how well they fit into the neighborhood and how great they look. Windows are the same way.

So, let’s get into the absolute best replacement windows for homes in Sacramento’s Mediterranean climate. The two options worth discussing are double and triple pane windows. The immediate impulse is to say, well, triple pane sounds like it has more, so I’ll pick that. But, as I’ll explain in a second, these windows are not ideal for every home. The question becomes, which is better for your Sacramento home?

  • Double pane windows: These consist of two panes of glass that use a layer between them as insulation. That extra glass and air are what does a better job than single pane windows at keeping warm or cool air out, depending on the time of year. In fact, information from the US Department of Energy shows that these windows can save an average of $319 a year for a climate like Sacramento’s.
  • Triple pane windows: These windows have three panes of glass total, with two sections of air insulation between them. Having this extra glass makes them heavier, which also means they require a sturdier frame. As a result, triple pane windows cost more.

Studies show that, on average, triple pane windows save 2 to 3 percent more on energy usage than double-paned ones, which isn’t all that substantial. Triple pane windows can be a bit more durable but, given the price increase, I generally recommend double pane windows for most houses

Windows are important in the Fabulous Forties where the streets have so many trees that during the summer they feel like tunnels of green. If you’re buying a house there—or really anywhere in the Sacramento Valley—you’re going to be opening and looking out of your windows a lot. But what happens when they’re closed is also important, given Sacramento’s varying weather with its seasonal fluctuations in temperature. That’s why I suggest investing in double pane replacement windows which do a great job of keeping the drastic changes in hot and cold outside, so you can enjoy the fabulousness of the inside of your home.

Get the perfect replacement windows for your Sacramento home. Contact the professionals at Bell Brothers to learn more about your double and triple pane window options.

Image courtesy Unsplash user Olia Gozha