Why the Best Window Manufacturers in Sacramento, CA Offer Custom Home Windows

One of my favorite things to do in Sacramento on the weekends is to peruse vintage furniture stores. There’s something really cool about finding an old piece of furniture that has been restored or even repurposed that fits beautifully into your home. I’m always on the lookout for real wood furniture because, chances are, it’s a one-of-a-kind custom find. These pieces were usually made to fit a specific room in a specific home and are constructed of hardy materials that stand the test of time. In fact, I find that’s often the case with custom made things, and especially with custom home windows.

Custom made windows for your home is one of the best investments you can make to increase its value. That’s because custom home windows are often more durable, more energy efficient, and more soundproof that your standard box store variety. It’s truly a get-what-you-pay-for type of scenario when it comes to installing new windows to improve the value, comfort, and quality of your home. That’s why the best window manufacturers in Sacramento, CA all offer one thing: custom windows to fit your unique home.

The Best Custom Window Manufacturers in Sacramento Offer Energy Efficiency

Sacramento's best window manufacturersIn Sacramento, our HVAC systems never really get a break. That’s why saving money on the utility bill for your home is important. In this climate where your air conditioner is working overtime in the summer, while your heater is often in use throughout the winter, having energy efficient features in your home is crucial.

Arguably the most important energy efficient feature is your windows, which is reason alone to chose custom made ones—and why the best window manufacturers in Sacramento recommend them. Custom home windows offer better energy efficiency because they have:

  • Tighter seals: Custom made windows are designed to fit the walls of your home and are installed professionally by contractors who work directly with window manufacturers, giving them an air tight seal. This is a huge advantage over stock windows that require you to adjust your home’s walls to fit the depth and size of the standard window options. With all that cutting and patching, it’s no wonder stock windows tend to be leakier compared to custom made windows that are made to fit your home like a glove.
  • Double and triple panes: Contractors that work with custom window manufacturers will give you several choices for single, double, and triple pane options. Stock windows, on the other hand, may have limitations. Combine custom fit windows with energy efficient double or triple panes, though, and you’ll really be saving money on your home energy bills thanks to your windows.

  • High-quality materials: It probably goes without saying that stock window materials are typically of a poorer quality because they’re designed to fit the standard style of a tract home. Stock window frames may leak over time due to their low-quality materials. Custom made windows, on the other hand, allow you to choose durable, high-quality materials, like aluminum, that won’t leak or degrade, helping to keep your home’s envelope tight and your energy bill low.

Sacramento Custom Window Manufacturers Improve Soundproofing

The last time we took our kids to a concert we forgot our soundproof headphones. Their little ears are sensitive so we were worried about damaging their hearing and bought cheap pairs of earplugs when we got there. While they probably helped a little bit, they were too big for our daughter, constantly slipping off, while our son’s pair came apart before the concert was even over.

Stock windows are like those generic headphones that don’t fit quite right and fall apart too quickly. That’s why custom windows are a better choice for soundproofing your Sacramento home—and the best Sacramento window manufacturers will agree. Not only will they have an air tight seal, but they’ll also last much longer and offer more durability than stock options.

The top two reasons why custom made windows are better for soundproofing are:

  • Thicker panes: If you live in a high traffic area and know you need soundproofing, custom made windows may be your best option because the panes can be designed to the thickness you need to dampen sound effectively. While you can find soundproof stock windows, or soundproof films to go over stock windows, they may not come in a style or size that you need for your home.
  • Fewer leaks: Sound travels through the air, but is dampened when it comes in contact with an obstacle. That’s why it’s important to have windows and frames that are airtight so sound can’t freely move through the cracks and into your home. Installing custom windows can greatly improve the likelihood of a soundproof seal and window panes.

Sacramento is a great place to score vintage finds like custom tables or antique dressers; there’s nothing like finding a unique piece that matches your exact style. Plus, these hidden gems often have a craftsmanship that’s far superior to any of the mass produced furniture you’ll find at a big box store because time and attention have been paid to these custom made pieces. They are skillfully crafted out of the best quality materials and designed specifically for a certain purpose, much like custom home windows.

Energy efficient, custom windows are one of the most important features of any home. Not only will they provide more energy efficiency than stock windows, but they also can provide better sound proofing, great if you live near the noisy nightlife of downtown Sacramento, or even just to drown out the sound of your neighbor cruising down the street with a boom box attached to their bike. No matter where you live in the city or surrounding communities, though, installing custom made windows with the help of a window installation expert who works with one of the best window manufacturers in Sacramento will improve the quality of your home, both inside and out.

Custom windows are a great way to upgrade your home’s energy efficiency and increase its value. Contact Bell Brothers for information about having custom windows installed for your home. We work with only the best window manufacturers in Sacramento, CA.

Image courtesy Unsplash user Jazmin Quaynor