“Can I Replace Windows in the Winter?” Asks Tony in Folsom, CA

can I replace windows in the winterIf windows are the eyes of a home, Tony in Folsom wants to know if now is a good time to invest in some new peepers, or if he should wait for warmer weather to return. Tony asks:

“I’ve been hearing a lot lately about all the different benefits of getting new windows. My neighbor was recently telling me that he invested in dual pane windows that were a good option for muffling sound from outside. He loves them and says he’s never slept so well in his life. He also said that they cut down on air leakage and drafts so his furnace hasn’t been running as much this year, which is leading to him having much lower utility bills than in winters past.

As a lifelong fan of both sleeping and saving myself money, I am obviously interested in learning more about dual pane windows. Is my neighbor just one unusual case or do most houses end up with lower heating bills and quieter bedrooms when they get dual pane window replacements? And, if so, can I replace windows in the winter? If I really can get those benefits, I want to do it ASAP—but not if it means my house will become a freezer while it’s happening. Thanks!”

I’ll keep this one brief: yes, Tony, you can replace your windows in the winter. Any professional window company in the Sacramento area would be happy to do it. Well, this Ask an Expert sure was easy, let’s all go home…

Kidding! I, of course, want to answer your first question as well—the one about dual windows—and go into more detail about the second part. I think the real question you’re asking here is not about CAN you replace windows in the winter, but, SHOULD you. That answer is a bit more nuanced, of course, but Tony’s question is a good one and I think the answer will benefit plenty of other homeowners in our area as well.

Can I Replace My Windows in the Winter With Dual Pane Upgrades?

The answer to whether you should go with dual pane windows—regardless of what season it is—is a firm yes (unless you don’t like paying less for heating and cooling, quieter home interiors, and fewer drafts in your house). I’ve talked about the top advantages and benefits of double pane window installation before, but let’s run down some of the basics before we get into whether Tony should go ahead and get his put in over the winter months.

  • Energy savings: Saving energy (and, as a result, money) is the top benefit of dual pane windows that homeowners seem to like the most—and I don’t blame them! The U.S. Department of Energy reports an average reduction in household heating and cooling costs by about $500 annually when homes have double pane windows installed. That number may be even higher in Northern California where we have extreme temperature ranges over the course of a year.
  • Noise reduction: Tony’s neighbor is right to tell him that his new dual pane windows are making his bedroom quieter because another top benefit of this upgrade is noise reduction. Double pane windows are certifiably fantastic at reducing noise. Their extra layer of glass does a bit more than just keep conditioned air in your home, it also helps keep exterior sounds out.
  • Increased value and curb appeal: You can really make your home look a whole lot nicer with new windows, thus raising its value and also its aesthetics. Just how much value new windows add to a home in Northern California depends on which windows you buy, the frames you choose, and some other factors related to your individual house, but let me put it this way: I’ve never once seen a home’s value go down or even stay the same after a window installation project—especially one that involved dual pane upgrades.

Can I Replace My Windows in the Winter—or Should I Wait for Spring?

The second part of Tony’s question—can I replace windows in the winter or is it better to wait for spring—is, in my opinion, just as easy to answer as the first. It’s basically just yes, there’s no reason at all to wait for warmer weather if you’ve already decided you want to go ahead and invest in new windows for your home.

…there’s no reason at all to wait for warmer weather if you’ve already decided you want to go ahead and invest in new windows for your home.

And this is the same answer I would give to any homeowner in the Sacramento area, even those who live further east near the mountains where things tend to get just a little bit cooler. This question, though, is actually a fairly common one, and most of the folks I talk to are just like Tony; they’re a little bit worried that during the installation process their house will become freezing, just like the air outside.

The only real difference between a summer or a winter window installation project is that it takes slightly longer in the winter because the installation experts have to first put up plastic tenting that will seal off openings and keep cold air from entering your house. But, even this doesn’t take all that much time. In general, I tell folks that their homes will be open to the cold for about 20 minutes or so.

So, yes, for Tony and anyone like him who is wondering if they can replace windows in the winter, my answer is, “Yes, yes you can.” In fact, I’d actually advise them that winter is a great time to get it done because a lot of other folks have the misconception that you can’t do this sort of home improvement job until the spring, which may make it easier and faster to get your window install scheduled.

The key is to just make sure you work with an experienced window installation company, one that can make sure you get the dual pane windows that are exactly right for your home. Also, if you’re in Sacramento, the best window installation experts can even help you navigate the world of SMUD energy efficient window financing, helping to ease the burden of the initial window installation costs, regardless of the time of year you choose to get the job done.

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