Custom Window Replacement: A Davis, CA Homeowner’s Guide to Professional Installation

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window replacement Davis, CAThere’s a certain feel to Davis, CA that seems to set it apart from the rest of the Sacramento region. Davis is unique for a number of reasons: it’s a college town that has roots in teaching agriculture (pun intended) and it’s a place where folks seem to love and appreciate the environment, at least based on all the solar panels and other energy-efficient upgrades I see when I’m visiting clients there.

Working for a window replacement company in the Sacramento area, I’ve been lucky enough to get to know most of the communities here in Northern California, whether I’m doing a standard repair job or a specialty custom installation. I’ve always thought of Davis as a perfect place for homeowners to consider custom installations and, to be certain, I do get more than a fair share of requests for custom window replacement in Davis, CA. But I also hear from plenty of homeowners who just aren’t sure what that entails, why they should choose custom windows, and whether or not custom windows have more benefits for their home than a standard repair or replace job. So, let’s explore the many benefits for homeowners in Davis who decide to install custom windows when it’s time for a replacement.

The Basics of Custom Window Replacement in Davis, CA

custom window replacement Davis, CAThe beauty of custom windows is the amount of choice they give homeowners, everything from the shape of the window to the insulation to the material used to make the frame. In fact, when I’m in Davis I often make a joke that there are more window customization options than there are majors at the University of California-Davis.

I’m always talking about the advantages and benefits of double pane windows, so it really shouldn’t come as a surprise that I encourage most folks who are interested in custom windows to go this route. I mean, not to rehash it too much, but the U.S. Department of Energy reports an average reduction in household heating and cooling costs by about $500 annually when homes have double pane windows installed—and that’s nothing to scoff at.

With custom window replacement, you get a knowledgeable installation expert to help you through the process, from developing your overall vision to executing the work. When homeowners buy and install windows themselves, they can sometimes unknowingly limit their options in terms of the scope of the project, while also leaving themselves open to costly mistakes like not properly sizing or insulating newly installed windows.

Bell Brothers, though, offers a free estimate on replacement services. From there our experienced installation experts can help ensure you get the windows you want—and that they fit your unique home perfectly.

Custom Window Replacement Options for Davis Homeowners

I’m pretty vocal about the value of double pane windows, but when it comes to aesthetics I leave the decisions up to the homeowners’ individual tastes. Here are some of the most common choices our clients prefer, although with Bell Brothers’ custom window replacements and installations, you can really get as creative as you want!

  • Double hung windows: This fairly common style of window is beautiful in a classic way, functional, easy to open, and energy efficient. Both the upper and lower sashes open and tilt, which also makes for easy cleaning. At Bell Brothers, we’re also pros when it comes to installing vinyl windows, and vinyl frames are a perfect choice to pair with double hung windows.
  • Slider windows: This is a great choice for folks in Davis who are looking for a window that will last, as these horizontal sliding windows are among the most durable. They also provide great ventilation, which can be problematic in Davis where all the agriculture kicks up dust, but not so much that you’ll want to keep your windows closed always.
  • Picture windows: Picture windows are a wonderful choice for homeowners who want more natural sunlight, as well as better views of the surrounding area. Davis, like the rest of Northern California, is rich with old and beautiful trees, which also makes this a popular choice.
  • Architecturally-shaped windows: This is the style of window that really lends itself the most easily to customization. Here at Bell Brothers, we’re experts at creating beautiful custom windows that fit most shapes homeowners can imagine, and we can outfit them all with energy efficient touches, like double pane windows, which have an added benefit of also being soundproof.

Bell Brothers has been Davis’ custom window installation and replacement experts for more than 20 years. Our No Surprise Guys can be reached at 916-226-9799 seven days a week. Or, select our online scheduling tool HERE.

Why Davis Homeowners Love Custom Window Replacements

Davis is a great fit for custom window replacement for a few reasons. The college professors and grad students there are really energy-conscious and they love being able to invest in efficient improvements, like double pane windows and insulated frames that keep air from seeping in and out (which also means that HVAC units don’t have to run as long or use as much energy). We’ve talked in the past about the value of eco-friendly air conditioners and cooling there, but custom window replacements in Davis, CA homes is another great route to accomplish this.

You can also be as creative as you want with them in terms of aesthetics by choosing from or combining those styles I mentioned above. And it’s so easy to do with help from experienced window installation experts like Bell Brothers. When our professional installers come out to your home, they can show you the many options to find a combination that’s absolutely perfect for you. It’ll be a really productive and collaborative process, combining your vision with our more than 20 years of experience in the area of window installation. So, stop talking about customizing the windows in your home and start nailing down the ideas you want to see become a reality.

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