Do Windows Block UV Rays?

Do Windows Block UV Rays?The more we learn about UV rays, the more we want to stay away from them. We know to wear sunscreen and limit time in direct sunlight, but what about at home? Our window techs have answered a lot of questions about sun exposure and windows. At Bell Brothers, we want you to be as safe as possible in your own home, even from the sun. So, we’re answering question do windows block UV rays?

Do Glass Windows Block UV Rays?

Do Windows Block UV Rays?The sun emits three types of UV rays. UVA, UVB, and UVC. UVC rays are the only ones we never need to worry about, they never get past the earth’s atmosphere. UVA and UVB are different types of rays, but they can both do serious damage. UVA rays have a longer wavelength and can cause damage to your skin that results in aging. UVB rays are shorter and can cause sunburns, but they are a great source of vitamin D, so a little bit of UVB is not a bad thing.

When it comes to windows, standard glass windows can only block UVB rays. There are options to keep your home free of all UV ways, but the standard, single pane, glass window will not help block some of the more harmful UV and UVA rays.

Can I Get a Sunburn Through my Windows?

Can I get a sunburn through windows? Do Windows Block UV Rays?The good news is that you can’t get a sunburn through your home windows. You can however incur skin damage from the rays that make it through your windows. As we mentioned above, glass windows block UVB rays, so you won’t be getting a direct sunburn from spending a few hours reading in front of your window. However, traditional windows don’t block UVA ray.

UVA rays are the same found in tanning beds. While they won’t cause sunburn, they can cause skin damage. UVA rays can also be somewhat damaging to your home’s interior. UVA rays can be attributed to nearly 40% of interior fading. This is why a lot of frames will come with “museum quality” glass to protect any art or photos you hang around the home.

What are My Options?

What are my window options? Do Windows Block UV Rays?At Bell Brothers, we offer solutions for all your window needs. Including UV rays. When it comes to protecting your home from the damage of UV rays, we recommend getting SunShield with your windows. Sunshield is a tinting option that can be added to new windows. It acts as a pair of sunglasses for your home. It will block harmful UVA rays and keep your home nice and cool.

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