What to Expect From a Drain Camera Inspection

What to expect from a drain camera inspectionHaving your sewer inspected used to be a big deal. Before the technology we have now, a drain camera inspection meant a ripped up yard and days long investigation. The introduction of the drain camera inspection changed everything.

Why do Plumbers Use a Camera to Inspect Pipes?

These are the types of cameras we use for a drain camera inspection.

The simple answer is ease. Plumbers use a camera to inspect your pipes because it’s thorough, efficient, and wont’ cause any damage to your yard or sewer system.

Traditionally, it would take days of digging to find what was clogging up a line. Now, plumbers just snake a camera through the maze of your pipes and can locate any issues within minutes. Sewer cameras have changed the face of the industry.

What Should I Expect During an Inspection?

During a Plumbing Safety Inspection, we'll check your toilets.

As we mentioned above, modern drain camera inspections are now quick and efficient. What once took days, now only takes a few minutes.

The first thing our plumbers will need to know is where they can find your main sewer line cleanout. Once they locate it, the plumber will remove the cap and insert the camera into the cleanout. The camera itself is a mounted at the tip of a flexible cable. This fiber optic cable sends the camera’s footage to a small monitor where your plumber can check everything in real time.

The reason we use the camera is that it can be fed into your system and navigate through all the complicated twists and turns of plumbing pipes. This will give immediate answers to what is clogging your pipes and can help find anything you may have lost in the drain.

Signs it’s Time for a Sewer Camera Inspection

During a Drain Camera Inspection we'll make sure to take a peep at your pipes.Oftentimes, sewer systems are more complex than most of our homeowners expect. Without camera technology, it can be hard to grasp what’s really going on down there. Unlike a car, you can’t open the hood of your sewer system. It can be hard to know when exactly it’s time for an inspection, but here are some signs you shouldn’t ignore:

  • More than one drain is moving slowly – It’s easy to isolate a problem when only one sink is backed up. However, the problem is larger when 2 or more sinks are backed up at one time. This could be an indicator that something in your main sewer line is clogged or broken.
  • You can smell sewage coming from your pipes – The same rule we mentioned above applies here as well. The smell of sewage from one drain is usually a problem with that specific area. It becomes a system-wide problem when you smell sewage from multiple drains or in your yard.
  • Your grass is greener – While this may not be an issue for some, a sudden patch of green grass can be a warning sign of broken pipes. When water is flowing to a specific place, the pipe could be cracked or broken.

Looking for a Reliable Drain Camera Inspection?

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