Helping Your Air Conditioner Unit Operate Efficiently

Many of us are concerned about energy usage and how we can cut down on our utility bills. California summers can be extremely hot, and consequently, that’s when we use air conditioning. Doesn’t it seem that energy prices always go up but don’t come down? Thankfully, there are things we can do to keep our electric bills from skyrocketing in the hotter weather.

Remember, first and foremost, saving money on your electric bill has everything to do with reducing your electricity consumption. The first step in lowering consumption is to address your air conditioning unit’s functionality. An older unit will require more maintenance and higher operating costs. If the unit is old and worn, your electric bill will increase every summer, no matter how hard you try to conserve energy. Of course, it’s not cheap to replace an aging unit, but in the long run, you will recoup the cost of the purchase and installation by lowering your electric and maintenance bills.

When you are ready to shop for a new unit, you’ll notice how energy efficient these newer units are, compared to ones from only 8 or 10 years ago. Also, note the size of the units. Size is important because an undersized or oversized unit will defeat the purpose of purchasing an energy efficient unit. There are websites such as Energy Star (the federal government website) that provides information and makes suggestions for more efficient electrical usage. The site offers a calculation tool that will help you find the size of the unit that is best for your home.

If your current unit is not that old, annual cleaning and maintenance is critical to how efficiently it continues to operate. Consider the following suggestions for operating your air conditioning more efficiently this summer:

  • Check the refrigerant level before the hot weather starts
  • Service the unit regularly
  • Inspect any exposed coils, filters, fins, or vents insuring that they are all free of dust and moisture
  • Keep the filters clean and replace them when necessary

These few actions will help ensure that you’re A/C unit is operating at its peak, no matter how old it is. Don’t forget to have the unit serviced during the spring before the hot weather arrives. Call Bell Brothers at 877-328-7499, or visit the Bell Brothers website and find out about our money saving HVAC services.