Holiday Savings on Furnace Maintenance in Sacramento: Why a Heater Tune-Up Should Be on Your Holiday To-Do List

furnace maintenanceWe’re all watching our pocketbooks (as well as our waistlines!) for the holidays, and we’re sure you’re in the same boat. It can be an expensive time of year, and often we hit January with lighter wallets than usual. If you’re watching your wallet during the holidays, spending money on an HVAC tune-up may not make much sense. But having this work done now can save you money in the future. Heck, with our fall and winter tune-up special, it can save you money now, too!

Catching It in the (Saint) Nick of Time

One story we like to tell this time of year is of a “Fall Furnace Special” that we performed a few winters back for a long-time client. While diligent in taking care of her AC, this client wasn’t as concerned with her heater and hadn’t even had it really looked at. But she took advantage of our great special and decided to have the guys she trusted come look at her heater and tune it up so that it would be ready for the chilly months of December and January.

And boy, are we glad she did! Her filters and ducts were in great shape, but as soon as our guy fired up the furnace he saw that instead of the normal, blue colored flame, her natural gas heater was burning with a yellow flame–a big no-no! Yellow flames indicate that carbon monoxide may be present in the system, and that’s a real bad sign for a number of reasons. The chief problem is health–carbon monoxide is a poisonous gas that can have very bad health effects on anybody in the house.[1.] It also burns dirty, and means that systems get clogged and damaged a lot easier. Fortunately, in an odd stroke of luck, neither her stovetop nor hot water heater used gas–just the HVAC furnace. That meant that only the furnace was releasing carbon monoxide and we were able to fix it without much trouble at all!

Getting Ready for the Cold Months

Our 30-point tune up is pretty comprehensive. We’ll go over filters and check your ducts, we’ll look at blowers and registers, we’ll calibrate your thermostat, and of course we’ll diagnose any problems your system may be having. We want you to have trouble-free heating this winter, and the best way we can do that is by taking a look for ourselves.

If we do find any problems, we’ll give you a diagnosis and a quote that we won’t change no matter what–the price we say is the price you pay! That’s one of the reasons we’re known as “The No Surprise Guys!”

Most of these furnace tune-ups are pretty routine; you’re getting a clean bill of health and peace of mind. If we do miss anything, and something goes wrong, the fix is on us. We stand by our work and we are empowered to fix any mistakes that happen on our watch.

Furnace Maintenance Means Optimizing Your System

It’s not hard to see the benefits of a 30-point tune-up, and that’s before you toss in the energy savings. Wait–did they say energy savings? You bet! There are a lot of ways that a poorly-performing system can drain electricity, and a lot of ways to fix those issues! For example, if your fan is working too hard or running too often because of limited air flow or old age, you’ll see that reflected on your utility bill. Fortunately, we can take steps to fix those issues–increasing air flow, replacing the fan blower, and so forth.

Similarly, if you have a furnace that isn’t sized right for your home or needs, you may be looking at duct work to make everything play nicely together. Depending on the extent of the work needed, we might not be able to do it as part of the tune-up–but we can give it to you straight and let you make the calls.

You’ll also be pleased when your furnace starts working better after our tune-ups. We’ll go over every single aspect of the heating system until we’re sure it meets Bell Brothers spec–and that’s not an easy test to pass!

The Bell Brothers Difference

We treat our clients like family, plain and simple. If we’re on your job, we’ll be open, honest, respectful, understanding of your needs, and good listeners above all! Whatever it takes, we won’t leave your heater until it meets our standards–or until you have a clear picture of what it needs to run great. We wouldn’t do any different with our own family, and there’s no reason yours should worry about heater performance this winter. Just remember–Bell Brothers means quality work that we stand by.