Put This, Not That, On Your Windowsill. How to Decorate a Windowsill.

Put This, Not That, On Your Windowsill. How to Decorate a Windowsill.

Putting decorative items on your windowsill can be that perfect finishing touch to making your home feel decorated and cozy. Plus, windowsills are useful space when utilized correctly.

Window maintenance is important, and not every item you’d like to put on your windowsill is practical or safe.

Specific items, such as light sensitive ones, won’t last very well where sunlight hits so often, especially when sunny weather is so common.

Here are some things you shouldn’t and should use to decorate a windowsill.

What Not to Put on Your Windowsill

When certain items are placed on a windowsill, they can be damaged by the sun and its heat or even cause a safety hazard in your home. It’s important to put careful thought into the items that you place on your windowsill.

Food/Edible Items

While it may seem like a cute or charming idea to have a candy or fruit bowl on your windowsill, there are a few reasons why you should avoid placing edible or perishable items there.

Naturally, the windowsill sees a lot of sunlight, and edible items don’t last very well in the sun. Not only that, but you’ll likely attract annoying bugs and other pests.


Candles are another popular item you may be tempted to put on your windowsill. When candles melt in the sunlight, however, there’s a possibility that the wick will sink into the wax, which makes the candle hard to restore and use again.

Mirrors/Mirrored Surfaces

Believe it or not, mirrors can be a safety hazard due to their reflectiveness. It can cause a fire hazard if sun rays are reflected onto certain parts of your home.

Plus, mirrors are at risk of falling off the ledge and shattering, which is especially dangerous in a home with children or pets.


There are a few risks behind putting electronic devices on your windowsill. First, these items can potentially be exposed to water damage if your window leaks during rainy periods.

Second, the sun and the heat can melt and destroy these objects if they are exposed to the sun for too long.

Any Other UV-Sensitive Object

In general, you should avoid putting any item or product that can easily melt or is sensitive to sun or UV rays.

Cleaning supplies are a great example of such items. Exposure to heat can cause cleaning supplies to explode and make the chemicals in the product less potent.

The appearance of books can also be changed and warped when they are exposed to too much to the sun.

What You Should Put on Your Windowsill

Some objects are safer to place on your windowsill, so decorating the space isn’t totally off the table.


The type of plant you can safely keep on your windowsill depends on the species and its care instructions. There are many types of plants that thrive in direct sunlight, so you should aim for those.

Keep in mind that many types of plants that are okay in direct sunlight need enough water to compensate for the sun.

Cooking/Baking Supplies

Sometimes there are some cooking or baking supplies that we just can’t find the spot for, like pots and pans, cupcake tins, or cutting boards, for example.

These items can be displayed on a windowsill, not only for decoration but also for convenience. Keep the material of these kitchen supplies in mind, though, so you know they can safely be stored there.

Art Prints and Pictures

In many cases, windowsills are the perfect size for displaying a memorable photo or cherished piece of art. Some art pieces can be easily damaged by the sun, so you must remember that when choosing what to display.

Child’s Toy Display

This is a great way to give your children some choice and decision in what they display in their room or the home.

They could choose their favorite toys or knick-knacks to display on the windowsill. To avoid a cluttered look, you can stick to a specific theme or color scheme.

Fairy/String Lights

Fairy lights (also known as string lights) are a very popular but simple decoration for the home because they add additional light in a relatively affordable and stylish way.

Items That Will Withstand Heat and UV Rays

You can safely place many objects on your windowsill, including blankets and pillows, to create a cozy nook space.

You can also put decorative bottles, jars, and baskets that can withstand heat.

Other Window Maintenance Tips

The best way to prevent needing frequent window replacements is by maintaining and taking proper care of your windows. Here are some window maintenance tips:

  • Inspect your windows annually
  • Check that your window is regularly caulked
  • Clean and lubricate the tracks of your window

If you have any questions about the quality of your window installation, contact a professional as soon as possible.