How to Tell if Your Sewer Pipes are Damaged

sewer pipes are damaged

There’s something many homeowners don’t know; the average lifespan of cast iron sewer pipes are 25-35 years. A quarter of a century ago, cast iron was the preferred building materials for many sewer systems. Cast iron provides a very tight water seal and is able to last through things like earthquakes, but over time cast iron can corrode, leaving modern homeowners with detrimental sewage leaks. When sewer pipes are damaged or broken, the best thing you can do is replace them before a lot of damage is done. The question is though, how can I tell if my sewer pipes are damaged? There are a few telltale signs to watch out for, read on to learn what they are.

Your Garden is Growing

We all love a lush, growing garden; but unfortunately, that could be cause for concern. If your garden is suddenly flourishing without any aid, there could be a suspicious reason. Sewage waste is a great fertilizer and the extra water can help your grass grow to larger proportions. If you see any suspicious growth spots in your yard, chances are your sewer pipes are damaged and leaking.

Higher than Usual Water Bill

It’s true that water costs change by the season. Summer might see us using more water for things like watering the grass, filling a kiddie pool, or letting a dog run through the sprinklers, but if you see an unexpected spike—or even a gradual increase over time—you may want to think twice about your sewer pipes. Believe it or not, small drips can add up over time and vastly inflate your bills.

Bad Smells

Spring and summer mean we’re opening the windows more, but are you smelling anything strange? A working and functional sewer system will always be airtight and seal away any foul odor. If you start to smell sewer gasses around your home or outside in the yard, you’re definitely dealing with a cracked, or even broken, pipe. It’s important you call a Bell Brothers plumber ASAP after smelling this odor. Sewage leaks can potentially hurt your property and

Sudden Mold Growth

Did you suddenly start to see mold growing in a specific location? While mold is something no homeowner wants to deal with, a broken pipe could be to blame. A broken or cracked sewer pipe is the best place to foster mold growth. The constant water flow and increased humidity creates a comfortable home for mold. Unfortunately, this does not create a comfortable home for you. If you see mold growth, especially isolated to one specific area, it’s time to call a Bell Brothers plumbing expert and have your sewer lines checked.

Worst Case Scenario: Cracked Foundation

Though a cracked foundation is extreme, it’s an example of what could happen if you allow damaged sewer pipes to carry water without proper intervention. In some severe cases, a broken sewer line can leak so much water over time that it could create a void underneath your foundation; ultimately causing your home to resettle or buckle. To save yourself, and your home, from a worst case scenario, call a professional plumber at the first sign of trouble.

Don’t Wait for Disaster, Call Bell Brothers

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