HVAC Maintenance and Your New Year’s Resolutions: Resolve to Keep Your Vacaville HVAC Unit in Great Shape All Year Round

HVAC maintenanceNew Year’s has come and gone, and many are ringing in 2016 with resolutions they intend to keep all year long. Our resolutions are simple–continue to provide great HVAC service and family treatment at a fair price! And if you’re like us and your resolution this year also involves HVAC, you don’t need to go it alone. Often resolutions get abandoned by March, but don’t let that happen to you: Make a commitment to take good care of your HVAC system this year, and let Bell Brothers do it the right way. It all starts with a call and a check-up.

Tune-Ups and HVAC Maintenance

One of the challenges you may face this year is simply not knowing what shape your HVAC system and equipment is in. Maybe everything is working fine, but you’re not sure how long that will last. Maybe there are a few problems you know of, but they seem minor for now. We’ve had clients from all ends of the spectrum: sometimes a check-up results in the system passing with flying colors, and sometimes it needs some work. If you don’t know where yours falls, or if you haven’t been current with your maintenance, start by having Bell Brothers do a full system check.

Our guys will bring your maintenance up-to-date and diagnose any problems or potential causes for concern in no time; then we can work with you to fix anything that needs it. Once we’ve ironed out any existing problems, we can continue to do routine maintenance on your system–filter changes, tune-ups, etc. This kind of preventative HVAC maintenance is a lot easier than repair. Staying on top of maintenance is essential to the health and longevity of any system.

Repair Problems Immediately

Of course, sometimes repairs need to happen. If you hear a strange noise from your furnace, your air conditioner suddenly stops blowing cold air, or you find ice on your AC unit call us immediately! All of those problems may be easy to fix if we get to them now, but can become major issues if left to fester. That strange furnace noise could be a worn-out fan bearing; the not-so-cold AC might be dangerously low on refrigerant; and that frost on the condenser (that’s the name of the outdoor AC unit) is possibly a symptom of a broken fan or debris in the unit. All of those things are usually easy to fix, but all of them can cause a lot of trouble if ignored.

The fact is that repair is cheapest and most effective when it’s performed right away. So don’t run your HVAC system if something isn’t working right–it will just make it worse! Call your HVAC contractor and get them out there. If you’re concerned about cost, joining our maintenance club can be a great way to offset repair costs, as well as ensure proper preventative maintenance is done at the right times.

Take the Initiative on HVAC

We recommend prioritizing your HVAC system. If you want to see good results from your equipment, make a time investment in that equipment and start thinking about things before they can become a problem. If you’re worried about your ducts, have them inspected, cleaned, and sealed up tight. If you want to lower your energy bill, we’ll help you set and meet a goal that works for you. If you are considering HVAC equipment replacement, let us walk you through the steps and options so you can make your decision with the best information and expertise available.

Often, folks wait until something needs to be done. But in the long run it’s usually cheaper to take initiative and get the jump on problems before they arise. You can also be an early-adopter for new technology that will improve your comfort, lower your carbon footprint and utility bill, and give you peace of mind. Whether you’re eying a smart thermostat or a heat pump, getting on the first wave of HVAC equipment can be rewarding, lucrative, and a lot of fun, too!

Make This Your Year

Resolutions don’t have to be abandoned in March, and you don’t have to tackle yours alone. If HVAC is on your mind (and it should be!), get ahold of the folks who have HVAC on the brain 24/7! Make this the year you start taking action on your HVAC system. It’s your home and your system–don’t you think you should be calling the shots, instead of letting breakdowns and bad performance dictate your comfort? We’ve been doing this for years and we see our job as a way to empower homeowners to make the right decisions and be comfortable in their own houses. If that sounds like something you want for 2016, we want to hear from you!