Landscaping To Conceal The A/C Unit

Homeowners tend to respect the exterior of their home as much as they do the interior of the home. That is why so many homeowners invest in landscaping as well as interior decorating. Lawns are beautifully landscaped and manicured; shrubs and trees are planted to enhance the appearance; sprinkler systems get installed; and so on. However, many of these homeowners neglect to do one thing that can detract from the appearance of the home – they leave their air conditioning unit in plain view.

Camouflaging the air conditioning unit is becoming the stylish thing to do, and increasing numbers of homeowners are concealing them in creative ways. Two effective and aesthetic ways to conceal the unit are living plants and constructed privacy screens.

Screening with Plants

Bushes, plants, and shrubs create a desirable look while at the same time concealing your A/C unit. Begin by plotting the area you have to work with before selecting the plants. Measuring the depth, height, and width of your air conditioning unit and the surrounding area before making the trip to the nursery. Once you have an idea of what it will take to conceal the unit, you can take your notes to a landscaping or nursery professional for further recommendations.

Depending on the climate that you reside in, you might want to consider planting holly, laurel, or yew, due to their attractive appearance and their dense foliage. If you don’t already know, ask the nursery attendant how big the plants get at maturity. Ripping out plants that grow to large over time can leave a gaping hole in an otherwise attractive landscape.

Screening with Lattice

The simplest privacy screen can be constructed by using 4×4 posts and lattice. The posts should not be more than two feet taller than the top of the unit. Make sure you choose a color of paint that coordinates well with the home’s exterior if you are not going to go with its natural finish. Matching house color can be very attractive as it coordinates the screen to the surrounding environment.

Other Screening Options

Purchase large, potted plants and place them around the A/C unit if you want to conceal it immediately without investing a lot of effort and time into the project. The nursery specialist can help you select the right plants where immediate and future needs are considerations. Remember, no two plants are alike. Growth rates, water and sunshine requirements, and final size, should all be considered when choosing plants to conceal your air conditioning unit.

Plants can get out of hand if they are not trimmed, pruned or otherwise tamed. Make sure the air conditioning unit remains free of leaves and other plant particles and has complete access to the surrounding air. You HVAC company technician will be able to answer questions regarding clearance.