Pro Tips on Window Replacement for Elk Grove Homeowners

As I’ve talked about in the past, Elk Grove is one of the most friendly cities in the country for young homeowners, with about 60 percent of the Millennials who live there actually owning their own houses. It’s also one of the cities in our area that has grown the fastest in the past two decades. In my line of work, I come across an interesting mix in Elk Grove of both novice homeowners and experienced folks who’ve been a big part of the community over the past few decades or so. I’ve also found that there’s a category of homeowner advice that they both tend to have questions about: window replacement.

I’m always happy to offer pro tips on window replacement for Elk Grove homes. They seem to be appreciated by both new and experienced homeowners alike as I tend to hear the same sort of questions from folks who have never gone through a major window replacement process as I do from those who haven’t had to think about one in years. They both generally tend to have concerns about permits, installation costs, and whether they’re choosing the right windows—and they both want to know exactly how much money new windows currently on the market can save them on their HVAC bills. I don’t blame them for any of this curiosity; getting replacement windows is a major decision.

The more you know going into your window replacement decision as a homeowner in Elk Grove, the easier it will be for you to communicate with an experienced installation expert who can help turn your home upgrade dreams into a reality. You’ll also feel better about your investment if you know all that you stand to gain, and that’s true for everyone, from Millennials to Baby Boomers to Gen X-ers.

Elk Grove Window Replacement Pro Tip #1: Make Solid Frame Choices

elk grove home window replacementLooking back 50 years—when Elk Grove was just a tiny rural community filled with farmhouses and open spaces—wooden window frames were built to stand up to the elements a bit better since the lumber was grown slowly and naturally, rather than farmed quickly as it tends to be today. Elk Grove homeowner’s window replacement choices back then also didn’t include more modern materials like vinyl and composite, making the choice for window frames easy: wood.

Now, it’s a bit more complicated. I’d like to go over some basic qualities of the main materials homeowners can pick from when they get new windows these days:

  • Wood frames: These are still a viable choice, and one of the most common—even if they don’t stand up to the elements the way they used to. Wood frames insulate really well, helping to enhance your energy savings. They do, however, expand and contract given the temperature (which in a place like Elk Grove is liable to fluctuate greatly depending on the season). If you choose wood, expect to need regular maintenance.
  • Vinyl frames: I’ve talked about installing vinyl windows in Sacramento, and a lot of my advice is also applicable for nearby Elk Grove. Vinyl frames, which are generally made of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) with ultraviolet light (UV) stabilizers designed to keep the sun from wearing them down too quickly—don’t require painting. They also feature great moisture resistance, which is important in Elk Grove where the Mediterranean climate brings rainy and cool winters. You can also fill these frames with insulation, bolstering your home’s energy efficiency.
  • Composite frames: Composite window frames are made of a composite of wood products, such as particleboard and laminated strand lumber, which leads to them being stable, with better thermal insulation than conventional wood, as well as more moisture and decay resistant. While not as cost-efficient as vinyl frames, these are a great choice for Elk Grove homeowners as well.

Those are the broad qualities of each of these frames. If you have more questions (and you should), I highly recommend contacting an experienced window installation expert who can offer you advice that applies specifically to your individual home.

Elk Grove Window Replacement Pro Tip #2: Aesthetics Are Key to a Worthwhile Investment

One question I hear all the time from homeowners is how much value do new windows add to a house? Well, the answer is that it varies. See, when replacing windows in your Elk Grove home, looks matter. According to a 2016 study from the National Association of Realtors, Cost Versus Value, homeowners get about 73 percent of their window investment back when they sell their house. Choose windows that don’t fit with the overall aesthetic of the house, though, and the disparate look will reduce that number and get you less return for your money.

In my experience, there are two effective ways to make sure you’re making the right aesthetic choices:

  • #1 – Try to match the look of the original windows, replicating both the style and the number of panes in each original window
  • #2 – Get advice from a trained window installation expert whose job and expertise involves making sure you get the right look to increase not only your home’s energy efficiency, but also the overall value of your home.

Elk Grove Window Replacement Pro Tip #3: Focus on Your Home’s Energy Seal With Double Pane Windows

Equally as important as the last two tips is making sure the windows you’re investing in will enhance the energy efficiency of your home. The U.S. Department of Energy reports that investing in energy efficient windows can reduce heating and cooling costs by about $500 annually, a total that may be higher in Elk Grove where warm summers require above average AC use. I’ve talked about this at length in the past, but it’s my belief that double pane windows are the best choice for our region, in terms of both value and efficiency.

One of the key reasons double pane windows are my choice is that having two panes of glass means that they do a much better job at insulating your home. Since less air passes through them, the cool air from your AC stays inside, while the warm air from your furnace in the winter does the same, all of which results in lowering your HVAC bills—often significantly. Although, I do recommend having an experienced window installation professional evaluate your unique situation as results may vary.

A local window expert can help you find rebates on new window installation and energy efficient home upgrades, saving you even more in upfront costs—and adding exponentially to the worth of your investment.

The common factor in all these tips is that a local professional window installer can really help you make the best possible choice. A local window expert can help you find rebates on new window installation and energy efficient home upgrades, saving you even more in upfront costs—and adding exponentially to the worth of your investment.

I know Baby Boomers and Millennials don’t always seem to have that much in common, but I think saving money and enhancing their homes is one thing everyone can agree on. Hey, maybe I’ll bring that up the next time my extended family gets together and the generational conversations get started.

Learn more about the best window replacement options for your Elk Grove home. Contact the experienced professionals at Bell Brothers today for a free in-home evaluation.

Image courtesy Pexels user Danielle Truckenmiller