Rivercats and More: Supporting Springtime Sacramento Community Events

Community is important to us here at Bell Brothers, and we strive to be active participants in our community. This week, we’re shedding some light on important causes we think you should be aware of in our community, as well as a few fun things that we love as Sacramentans and are proud to be a part of. From charitable organizations we love to our hometown sports teams, we know that Sacramento is home to some uniquely generous and wonderful people. We also know that it’s important for local companies to remain aware of their communities and give back: we see our success as a direct result of the support of our community, and we want to acknowledge that with financial and volunteer support.

Head-Shaving for St. Baldrick’s

We had a great turnout for our March 6th event at Raley’s field, and we raised some awareness and money for an awesome cause. Our team helped raise over $4,000 for St. Baldrick’s to help children get needed medical treatment.

Since its start in 1999, St. Baldrick’s has been dedicated to ending childhood cancer through research. They fund clinical trials for rare diseases, conduct oncology research, and training the next generation of researchers. Considering that cancer causes more childhood deaths in the United States than any other illness, we think the work that St. Baldrick’s does is important and, we are incredibly humbled to be able to work with them.

If you missed our event at Raley field, no sweat — there are some awesome opportunities to donate and participate coming up. Check out this calendar and get to the next event near you. You should also take a look at the Keaton Raphael Memorial, another organization dedicated to childhood cancer treatment that we’re proud to partner with.

Youth Programs

Supporting our local youth goes beyond treating illness — we want our kids to be healthy. One great way to do that is to participate in an after-school sports program. Sports teach teamwork, self-reliance, and how to be magnanimous in both victory and defeat. Our local youths have some phenomenal sports programs, and we’re proud to draw attention and lend support to more than a few of them.

The Rocklin Youth Soccer Club covers a wide range of ages and players, as well as varying levels of competition. From kids just starting out to highly competitive high school teams, RYSC is a great local institution and one we sponsor every year.

We’re huge baseball fans, and we always support youth baseball here in Sacramento. Citrus Heights Little League is in their spring season, as are most of the other teams we support. We ask anybody interested in supporting local baseball to go to some of the high school games this year. Vista del Lago is having a good start to their season so far, and their game schedule can be found here. The Cosumnes Oaks Wolfpack baseball team is also playing some highly competitive games this and next month, and they would love some supportive turnout from the community.

Finally, Bomb Squad Baseball Club is focused on taking highly skilled baseball players and helping them hit the next level of play — whether that’s personal growth as a player, college ball, or minor/major league play. Representing players from all over Elk Grove, the Bomb Squad is a competitive and serious group of players led by dedicated coaches with decades of experience and serious love of the sport.

River Cats

Our very own River Cats are starting this baseball season today, the 30th of March, in a home game against San Francisco. The had a strong showing last year and always play as hard as anybody in the sport. River Cats games are one of our favorite things about Sacramento in the spring, summer, and fall.

If you don’t already have tickets for a game, be sure to grab tickets this season. We always encourage our clients to go see a River Cats game — whether you’re a hardcore sports nut or a chronic sports-avoider, you’ll have a blast at a local league game, because what you’re experiencing isn’t just sports, but the Sacramento community at its greatest.