Should You Replace Your Windows? When to Consider Window Replacement in Your Sacramento Home

double pane window replacement

Window replacement is a popular topic this time of year, and we field a lot of calls as folks consider their upcoming needs. From Yuba City to Stockton to Fairfield, people are considering replacing some or all of the windows in their home. We thought it would be a good idea to touch on window replacement over the next few weeks, and what better place to start than by answering a few frequently asked questions. This week, we talk about a few good reasons to replace your windows as well as a few cons to consider as you make your decision.

Is It Time for New Windows?

This is by far our most frequently asked question. And it can be tricky to answer: each house is different and each homeowner has different needs. It’s hard for us to make this kind of call over the phonewe prefer to visit your home and see everything first-hand, taking your budget and goals into account before developing a plan with you that meets your home comfort needs.

But there are a few common signs that your windows are on the way out. Here are some questions to ask yourself:

Is your house hard to keep warm or cool?

Are you spending more money on energy bills than you used to?

Are your existing windows single-pane or poorly sealed?

Would you rather hear less outside noise inside your home?

Do you struggle to get your current windows open or closed?

If more than two of these describe your home, you probably need new windows. The most common reason for our clients to make the switch is concern over energy cost and efficiency. And that’s a great thing to considerafter all, windows can be the source of up to 15% of your heating bill. That’s a pretty big difference even on a small bill. If you’re shelling out serious cash every month, window replacement can start to look like a very smart idea.

What If I Already Have Double-Pane Windows?

It’s true that double-pane windows are less likely to need to be replaced. That said, if you’re noticing sealing issues, moisture, or condensation between the window panes, it’s a sign that your current double-pane windows are not doing their job and may need to be replaced. Unfortunately, windows are hard to repair in the conventional sense because it’s usually cheaper to replace the whole window than to fix whatever is allowing moisture between the panes. It’s also worth it to make sure the new windows get installed correctly, are properly sealed, and to address the possibility of roof leaks or other ways water may be getting into your home.

Do I Have to Replace Them All?

People often balk at the idea of replacing every single window in their house, and we understand. Finances aside, it’s a daunting prospect that requires some planning and contractor trust. In addition to that, it’s a tough question to answer…obviously, you never have to do any more work than you feel is necessary. But you will see the most benefit if you replace all of the windows that need it at once. It’s best not to do the job halfway; your house won’t be sealed properly, and you won’t see nearly the same benefits. To learn more about your specific needs, a contractor can help you come up with a window plan.

Pros and Cons of Window Replacement

We’re big fans on being up-front with clients about pricing. And although we can’t give a price estimate for any job without seeing the job first, we know that costfollowed by disruptionis usually the biggest drawback when considering window replacement. It’s important to view this work as more than a financial investment, however. While it will likely lower your utility bill, it will have other great effects on your home comfort and energy efficiency. It may also add value to the home, which is always a good thing.

There are a lot of options, from financing to rebates, that can help with these concerns. Window replacement is a lot more affordable than people think, and it makes sense for a wide variety of homeowners. Start with a reputable contractor and go from there. They’ll be able to answer your specific questions and make the process smooth as possible for you. Next week, we’ll go over the installation process and talk about what you can expect as we carry out window replacement in your home.

This is the first of a three-part series on window replacement. In the second part, we walk you through a typical installation process, and in the third, we discuss your options to increase energy efficiency in your home.