The Best New Construction Windows in 2017 for Building a Home in Downtown Sacramento

Sacramento is booming with new residential construction, from tract houses to modern condos, like the Creamery in the Alkali Flats neighborhood. The defining element of these new developments, located near the train stop on 12th, is the modern architecture providing an interesting contrast to the more eclectic historical homes that have always made up that neighborhood.

While modern housing certainly has distinct architectural features, this type of construction often comes with standard elements like stock windows that, while adequate, are typically not exceptional in quality. If you’re building a new home from the ground up, though, you have the advantage of choosing the best new construction windows that 2017 has to offer, adding advanced protection and outstanding value to your Sacramento home.

Choosing high-quality, custom windows allows you to impeccably design their style, security, and energy-efficient features. Windows these days come in a variety of options and upgrades, while new materials and building methods recently developed assure that your windows have a tighter seal than older models, helping to keep your home secure. And, perhaps one of the greatest benefits of modern windows is the coating that provides extra insulation so that you save on your monthly energy bill. When you look at all the ways your windows impact your home, it’s crystal clear that buyers and builders should explore all their options before choosing which windows will be the focal point of their new home.

The Importance of Windows in a House

new construction windows in SacramentoThe curb appeal of windows has a huge impact on the facade of a home. That’s why homeowners often take great care in choosing the size, quantity, and style when designing a new house. But there’s more to it than just choosing a window that “looks pretty.” They have an important function, other than letting in natural light and allowing you to watch your neighborhood going-ons. They also affect the health and condition of the interior living spaces of your home by:

  • Preventing mold: The seal around your windows determines whether or not moisture gets into the walls of your home. If moisture gets in, it can mean mold and mildew. The real danger is that this type of mold and mildew can go unseen for years, growing and spreading until it becomes a serious health issue for your family. It can also cause major damage to your walls. That’s why it’s imperative that window materials discourage mold by having frames with airtight seals.
  • Offering increased security: A better seal does more than just keep moisture out. It can also help keep burglars out too. Stock windows often have cheap aluminum frames that can easily be pried loose. But a strong, heavily constructed window frame can be nearly impossible to penetrate, making your windows secure from uninvited guests.
  • Lowering energy bills: One of the biggest benefits of modern window construction is the new materials and coatings that prevent not only moisture from getting in, but also conditioned air from getting out. Your windows play a big part in insulating your home, which can mean lower energy bills each month. This is crucial as windows are the biggest source of heat loss in a home.

What to Look for When Buying Windows for Your New Construction Home

Windows always remind me of reading glasses. You often look at someone with glasses and the first thing you think of is their shape and the color of the frame. But glasses, much like windows, are more than just glass you can see through. They’re made of special materials that enhance your experiences, whether that’s being able to read a book more clearly, or sitting by your picturesque window more comfortably because of double panes. Here are specific elements that make up high-quality windows to be on the lookout for when deciding on which to install in your new Sacramento home:

  • Cladding: This is a material, usually aluminum or vinyl, that is wrapped around the top or exterior of a window frame to protect it from wind, rain, and other elements. This is an important part of window construction because it protects the entire frame—and even provides some energy efficiency.
  • Glazing: Glazing is the term used to describe window systems that actively work to prevent heat transfer, like double or triple pane windows. These types of windows have two or three layers of glass with space between them that is often filled with an argon gas to inhibit heat. This is a key feature for insulating high-efficiency windows.
  • Low-E coating: These types of coatings are used on glass to minimize the amount of ultraviolet light and infrared light that comes through windows, without limiting natural, visible light. This is important because ultraviolet light is responsible for fading curtains and carpets, while infrared light is responsible for transferring heat, neither of which is desirable in your new home. By reflecting these types of light, your windows can help protect your furnishings as well as keep your home cool in the scorching Sacramento summer.

Choosing the Best New Construction Windows for Sacramento in 2017

Picking features and materials for your home is like going to a buffet—there are a lot of choices to be made but, if you go in knowing what you want, there is less of a chance you’ll be overwhelmed. There are a lot of options when it comes to new construction windows, but having an understanding of how important each feature may be to the security and efficiency of your home can make the choice of stock versus custom windows much easier:

  • Stock windows: Stock windows are generally mass produced with predetermined sizes and materials. They are typically less expensive than custom made windows but have limited styles, sizes, and materials. This may force you to compromise some of your aesthetic or efficiency preferences. They also tend to be less secure because they’re designed to be one-size-fits-all, which requires a lot of cutting and filling during installation and can lead to leaky seals. They also often damage the stucco of traditional Sacramento area homes.
  • Custom new construction windows: Custom windows allow the consumer to choose the style, materials, and efficiency features of a window. Custom windows are typically higher quality than stock windows, which often means a higher price tag. But the extra expense can pay off in improved security and efficiency down the road. And, since they are built specifically for your home, they have tighter seals for increased security—and far fewer leaks and opportunities for mold growth.

It’s definitely an exciting time for homebuyers in the Sacramento Valley with all of the new construction taking place. There are a variety of unique historical homes throughout the city, but now it’s also booming with modern construction as well. Newly constructed houses offer buyers and builders even more flexibility when it comes to the types of features they prefer for their homes. That’s why it’s so important to consider the quality of materials, like those used to manufacture or custom make your windows.

When choosing windows for your new home, think beyond the curb appeal, and take security and efficiency into account. This will ensure that your new build dream home is safe, comfortable, and light on the planet—and your power bill—for years to come.

Choosing windows for your newly constructed home means finding the best quality at the best price. If you have questions about custom window design, give the experts at Bell Brothers a call.

Image courtesy Unsplash user Breather