Top Benefits of Double Pane Windows

Top Benefits of Double Pane Windows.

We hear a lot of Sacramento homeowners asking about double pane windows. They often ask us if how they can save money with double pane windows and what the environmental consequences are.

Today’s post will shine a light on the benefits of double pane windows and why you should consider making the switch.

By installing double pane windows, you’ll:

  1. Save on energy bills by safeguarding the temperature treated air inside your home.
  2. Be able to minimize outdoor noise, which is particularly helpful if you live in a busy city.
  3. Use less energy while trying to increase the comfort of our home during summer and winter month meaning it’s a more environmentally friendly choice.
  4. Stay cooler in the summer. When higher temperatures make an appearance, double pane windows keep intense heat from penetrating the glass, regulating a comfortable indoor temperature.
  5. Be safer. Should someone choose to break in, they’ll find it much harder with double pane windows as they’re hard to smash and are sealed tighter than other windows.

What Are Double Pane Windows?

Double pane windows offer many benefits to Sacramento homeowners.

Double pane windows are made with two panes of glass. Typically found between the glass is an insulating layer argon gas.

Two panes of glass mean an extra layer of protection from the weather as it works harder to pass through each pane. Giving you more control in regulating your home’s temperature.

Double Pane Windows Increase Energy Efficiency

Double pane windows can save up to 18% of energy usage.  Directly affect the monthly cost of your energy bills (which we’ll look at later on), but also having a kinder affect on our planet.. Energy efficiency is a growing concern we’ve seen with Sacramento homeowners.

One of the benefits of double pane windows are that they are incredibly energy efficient.

With an added layer of protection, you’re not wasting treated air by allowing it escape through heat or cold transfer.

By replacing your single pane windows with double pane windows, you can save 1,006 to 6,072 pounds of CO2 on average, which is equivalent to 51 to 310 gallons of gasoline a year.

They Help Regulate Your Home’s Temperature

With improved insulation, you’ll find double pane windows are effective for temperature regulation. This is because most double pane windows have a layer of gas between the sheets of glass.

This layer of gas helps keep cold air outside and warm air in. This can go either way depending on the time of year and whether you have your AC or heater running.

Double pane windows help keep your home comfortable.

Double Pane Windows Help Reduce Noise Pollution

Single pane windows will do very little to reduce outdoor noise. Whether that’s traffic of city life, these noise levels can make a difference in your quality of life. Additionally, excessive noise levels could make it challenging to sell your property.

Double pane windows help reduce this noise pollution through the added layer of glass and the space in between them. Along with helping to regulate the temperature within your home, the sound simultaneously gets lost within that extra gap of protection.

As a result, if you wish to lessen the ambient noise in your home, double pane windows are the way to go.

Double pane windows help decrease noise pollution.

These Windows Come in Almost Any Style

Double pane windows come in a range of styles and materials so that you can select the most suitable for your home.

Whether you’re focusing on energy efficiency or a certain aesthetic, Bell Brothers guarantees that you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for.

Don’t worry, the added pane of glass won’t make the windows visually unappealing. And with such a wide range of styles available, you can personalize the windows to your family home, making them truly unique.

New windows come in any style and can increase your home's value.

They Can Help Cut Your Utility Bills

For the average household, installing double pane windows and replacing single-pane windows can save up to $101 to $508 per year depending on your climate and HVAC usage.

Nearly 35% of your treated air can be lost through drafty windows. When air is lost at this rate it means your HVAC system is working twice as hard to produce the same amount of energy.

Double pane windows allow you to lower your bills while giving your system a much-needed break.

Use windows and HVAC to lower your utility bills.

They Add to Your Home’s Value

An easy way to add to the market value of your home is with double pane windows. Over time, most homeowners need to replace their single pane windows anyway, and with new double pane windows as a selling feature you can take another burden off your potential buyer.

Potential buyers will see single pane windows as an added expense, as they’ll need to replace them. However, double pane windows will be viewed as an investment worth paying for.

Windows of Opportunity

So, are double pane windows better than single-pane windows? Ultimately, double pane windows are the way to go. They’re simply more efficient in terms of energy use, environmental protection, lowering your bills, and improving your quality of life.

And, once it’s time to sell your property, having double-pane windows can more than pay for themselves in the valuation and sale of your property. Call Bell Brothers to set up a consultation today to see how double pane windows can change your life.