Use Your Space Heater Safely this Winter

Use Your Space Heater Safely this Winter


Space heaters are one of the most popular ways to keep a room warm during the colder months. These appliances can offer a comfortable and reliable heat source for your home or office, but only if you use them properly.

Unfortunately, these space heaters can be hazardous if not properly operated and maintained. These essential tips will help you use your space heater safely this winter.

Keep the Space Heater on the Floor

The main reason to keep your space heater on the floor is that it’s safer. While it may be tempting to keep your heater on a higher surface, so the heat blows toward your face, it can easily tip over and cause an accident.

warming feet with space heaters
A space heater on a table is hazardous because it’s easy to leave unattended, and children may be tempted to play around with it.

And leaving a heater on a rug is a fire hazard. Dust can build up on rugs and carpets and easily get into the heating element of a space heater. Dust and heat could result in a fire.

adjusting heat on space heater
The best place for your space heater is on a smooth tiled or concrete floor. If you have wooden floors, a fireproof mat will help protect your flooring from heat damage.

Move All Flammable Objects Away

Space heaters are a popular way to keep your home warm in the winter. They’re convenient, portable, and inexpensive to use. However, because they’re so small, they don’t have the same safety features as larger heating systems.

It’s important to keep all flammable objects away from your space heater. For example, don’t place it too close to curtains or furniture that could catch fire easily if exposed to heat. Flammable objects also include items like clothing and bedding.

space heater safety
Instead of using a space heater in the bedroom, consider buying an electric blanket or pad. But remember that electric blankets aren’t designed for use by young children.

Never Leave the Space Heater Unattended

There are many reasons why you should never leave your space heater unattended. Space heaters can cause fires and injuries, especially if you leave them on while sleeping or showering.

Even if you think you’ll only be gone for a few minutes, it’s not worth the risk. For example, if you leave home while using a space heater, turn it off and unplug it immediately. Leaving them plugged in while not being used poses an obvious risk of fire or injury from burns or electrocution from touching live parts.

Don’t Use Power strips or Extension Cords

You may think using an extension cord or power strip with your space heater is a good idea, but it’s not.

Extension cords and power strips can’t handle the high wattage of a space heater. They’re not meant for heavy-duty appliances like hair dryers, toasters, coffee makers, and space heaters. The result could be an electrical fire or a power surge that damages your equipment and maybe even your home.

plugging in a space heater
To make matters worse, you can easily trip over an extension cord. This can cause injury but also lead to the space heater toppling over, causing burns or fires.

Keep Kids and Pets Away

Kids are curious. Chances are they’re going to get into things they shouldn’t. And if they spot you doing something, they want to try and do the same.

adjusting a space heater
While you might think your child’s space heater is safe because it’s plugged into the wall and has a low setting, it’s still a fire hazard. Here are some reasons why:

It can tip over or fall over if a wayward kid bumped into it. A space heater may not tip over easily on carpeting or rugs but could be enough for serious burns and property damage if they fall onto a flammable rug or carpet.

cat warmings up by a space heater
Pets are also curious creatures who will not think twice about investigating a new object in their environment. Unfortunately, this makes them especially vulnerable to fire hazards like heaters. The heat they produce is too intense, and if it gets too close to a pet’s body, it can cause burns or even death.

Never Put it Near Liquids

Never place your space heater near water. For example, don’t put it on top of a wet carpet or near a bathtub or shower stall. The water could cause the electrical components of the heater to short out, which could start a fire.

If you have glasses of water or other liquids in the same room as your space heater, never place them on the top or near the heater. Instead, keep them well away from the heating unit where they can’t get knocked over.

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