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Proudly Serving Communities and Families Across Placer County Since 1992

Quaint Old Town is always great, all the fantastic Gold Rush-era History of the area,
Small-town feel, vibe, unique charm, quiet town nestled into the California mountains.

  • Outdoorsy
  • Pretty, somewhat private
  • 20 minutes to Rosevile
  • Natural spaces, parks
  • Welcoming community, and the spirit of the Sacramento Valley

Work With A Well-Established HVAC & Plumbing Provider

  • Comprehensive HVAC Services: The vast majority of our customers are long-time, who’ve been with us for years. Our techs almost become a part of the family as they stop by at least once a year to perform tune-ups. We also do all HVAC repairs, preventative maintenance and new AC& Furnace unit installations – no pressure sales, just results.
  • Full Residential Plumbing Services: Our plumbers can handle all types of indoor and outdoor residential plumbing, from leaky faucets & pipes, to extensive sewer or clogging issues. All you have to do is call and our company vehicle will be outside your home soon. We’ll get right to work, explain every single step as we go, and take care of you.
  • Good Deeds For Free ™: Our homecare pros help customers with a lot more than just HVAC and plumbing-related issues. Through our application of this program, your Bell Bro tech/plumber will help with tons of little things around the home – taking out the trash, lifting heavy things for you, taking the dog out, conducting other kinds of repairs, etc.
  • Real ‘Peace of Mind’ Coverage: When you work with a well-established and family-run company like Bell Bros you get real coverage you can count on. We’ve been around a while, we aren’t going anywhere anytime. We also stand by our work and our team members 100%. Call Bell Bros and see real peace of mind in HVAC/Plumbing.
  • 30+ Years of Service History: Other than our homecare and maintenance specialists, we’re most proud of our local history not just in Auburn, but across both the Sacramento and San Joaquin Valleys. Thirty years is a HUGE amount of families and homes under our wings, so we do our work with the utmost attention to detail and pride every day.

What Customers In/Around Auburn Are Saying…

Hopefully that last section helped to paint the picture a bit – we’re a long-standing company with a loyal customer base that goes back decades. Now let’s take a look at just two of our 4,000+ reviews. These are recent, and help to put emphasis on what you can expect.

The only thing we’ve done is shorten them slightly and remove any specific names of customers or our technicians. Both are related to HVAC, but there are thousands of plumbing-related reviews for you to browse as well.

“On time and helpful – explained what he was doing and asked permission to go into the areas needed. He also helped us with a problem we had with a displaced screen. After he was done he went over his findings, installed a newer system so there were no issues. We joined the service club which includes the heating and annual air tune up plus discounts on other services. I’ve been very pleased with our service from Bell Bros.”

Our membership program is a huge hit for all the classic reasons – discounts, reliable service over time, friendly techs, priority service in some respects, etc. This next one is more about how we can swoop in when emergencies strike.

“The techs, sales staff and office staff were nothing but professional. My mom was 89 years old and her AC went during recent 110 degree plus days. They got my mom’s AC running again even though it needed to be replaced. The tech worked his magic. The sales staff gave me a no-pressure quote and did not try to sell me on any high-priced systems knowing my mom was on a fixed income.”

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Well, what do you think? Does Bell Bros sound like the kind of family-run, family-owned, and long-standing HVAC/Plumbing company you can trust? Don’t hesitate to reach out and contact us, our customer service staff is waiting by to answer your questions, address concerns, or help you schedule a service call with one of our specialists. We look forward to hearing from you soon.