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Bell Brothers Offers HVAC in Dixon CA

Serving Solano County Since 1992

Dixon has a history of hard work. Maybe it’s because the city started in the gold rush and railroad days, when men had to sweat to make ends meet. Folks don’t always see past the sleepy little agricultural community, but it’s much more than Mayberry. Whether recovering from fire and earthquakes or growing the world’s largest corn maze, Dixon has a reputation for determination and grit. That’s why at Bell Brothers we love working in Dixon. We, too, have a history of hard work going back decades and a host of satisfied customers who will testify that we do the job right wherever we go. We’re thrilled to extend our service area to Dixon, Vacaville, Davis, and all surrounding areas.

Keeping Dixon Comfy

Hot in the summer, cool in the winter. It may not be Death Valley, but we all know that our own Central Valley gets pretty darn hot in the summer. We’re always impressed when we drive along the country roads and see folks working the fields and orchards during the summer. And we know that whether you work outside or in an office, the last thing you want to do is come home to a broken or inefficient AC system. Not only is it uncomfortable, but an inefficient system will hike your energy bill. You can save money by calling us in twice a year to inspect your system, and by having regular maintenance done. Our experts can help you every step of the way.

We’ll Perform:

  • Dead-on Diagnostics: When our guys figure out a problematic system, they zero right in, no funny business, and give it to you straight.
  • We Get the Install Right: That means that whether we’re putting in AC or a heater, your warranty won’t be voided and we’ll stand behind the work.
  • Repair What’s Broken: If your system throws you for a loop we’ll get it back in line in no time. We also do preventative maintenance–usually the best way to keep systems running well in the first place!
  • Furnace Tune-up: We can perform a complete tune-up on your heater so you’ll be ready for even the worst weather.
  • We Do Windows: If your windows are old or you need new ones, we’ll pull ‘em out and fix you up with brand-new windows installed professionally.
  • Bell Brothers Plumbing: We’ll take care of your plumbing work, whether it’s a leaky pipe, a running toilet, or a clogged shower.

Bell Brothers: Working Hard In Dixon For Decades

We’ve been in business for a long time, and we’ve built a reputation of quality and trust. Dixon is a respected working community, and we want to keep its homes energy-efficient and comfortable. Count on us to work as hard as you do, and call us anytime you need our help. We’re here for you.