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Hello, and welcome to the Bell Brothers website – we’re a Greater Sacramento Metro HVAC + Plumbing company and yes, we’re happy to service your Elverta home. Sure it’s a small suburb north of the city, but we’ve spent the last thirty years helping folks across the area and we’d be honored to meet you.

In fact, we made this specific webpage just for you – folks who haven’t had a chance to work with us yet. Here you can get the basic rundown on who we are and what our services look like. On the other hand, if you’d rather just talk to one of our customer service staff, simply use the button below.

Now first thing’s first, let us give you two reason we adore service calls to your Elverta neck of the woods.

  1. The neighborhoods are great, with many multi-acre properties enjoying country-style living less than a half hour from downtown Sacramento.
  2. You live in the kind of place, where at night you can hear the wildlife! This could be everything from the domestic animals to the frogs.

That being said, let’s transition into what you came for – information on a contractor you can count on. We’ll begin with our five pillars, including two of which get into our services. Enjoy!

Bell Bros: For Fast, Effective, & Reliable Homecare Solutions

  • Comprehensive Elverta HVAC Services: From top to bottom, Bell Brothers is your dependable long-term choice for all HVAC needs – ongoing maintenance and tune-ups, regular (non-emergency) and emergency repairs, and of course we’ve installed tens of thousands of new units impeccably. No pricing games, no nonsense, no surprises.
  • Full Residential Plumbing Services: Bell Bro plumbers are also among the best in all of California! We stand by them because we take great care of them, they’re exceptionally well-trained and experienced, and they specialize in both indoor and outdoor residential plumbing. All you have to do is contact us and we’ll get you all fixed up soon.
  • Get Good Deeds For Free™: Walking your dog, taking out the trash, lifting those heavy object for you, moving some furniture around, or fixing the fridge thermostat…we call these kinds of deeds ‘Good Deeds’ and your Bell Bro HVAC tech or plumber will be happy to help. One of our core tenants is that we don’t take service lightly, and that’s a fact.
  • Real ‘Family-First’ Coverage: We’re a well-established, long-time family-run company in the Central Valley. What this means is that you can count on our installation guarantee. You can count on our satisfaction guarantee. You can count on us standing by our repair work 110%. We don’t help homes, we help families, then ensure they’re both covered.
  • 30+ Years of Local History: Bell Brothers is extremely proud of our company heritage in this region of the country. We’ve never called anywhere else home. The Bell Bros literally grew up not too far from Elverta where their dad was a local dentist and they eventually started their own pizza shop after high school! We greatly appreciate your consideration.

What Our Recent Customers Are Saying…

Hopefully the last section gave you a clearer idea of who we are as a family-run company and what we offer across the Sacramento Valley in terms of HVAC and plumbing. In this section, let’s look at a genuine review left by a recent customer.

It demonstrates so much, and tells you really important things about what kind of ship we’ve been running over the last thirty years. We did shorten it slightly for you so it wasn’t a gigantic block paragraph.

“My kids were having a terrible time trying to get their home warranty Co. to repair their AC. Finally I contacted Bell Bros. They came out quickly and on time. Their repairman was very good, very professional, and really a nice guy…it was apparent that the warranty Co. was trying to charge over $1000 for unneeded repairs! Plus the warranty Co. people told my son that they would HAVE to perform a PURGE which they would have to agree to and that the PURGE wasn’t covered by the warranty and would be $800! Bell Brothers came by, fixed the problem and that was that at a small fraction of the cost.”

Wow, if they would have gone with the warranty company options, it would have cost thousands of dollars for essentially very little actual benefit. With Bell Bros, we’re transparent, our techs and service professionals ensure absolutely no surprises.

This is where we get out reputation as the “No Surprise Guys!”

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Our customer service staff will be happy to answer your questions when you call, address concerns, and get you quickly scheduled. Don’t hesitate if your Elverta home is experiencing any kind of HVAC or plumbing-related issue. We can have a truck out to your property within short order. Thanks so much for your time, and we look forward to hearing from you soon.