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Hi there! Are you a busy Oakland, CA homeowner – looking for a fast, dependable, friendly and top-to-bottom professional HVAC or Plumbing company? We’re Bell Brothers and welcome to our website. After thirty years of consistent service to families across Oakland and Northern California in general, we’d greatly appreciate your consideration.

On this specific webpage we’ve put together the fundamentals of our company and our industry approach so you can briskly get to know us a bit better. That said, if you’re experiencing some kind of HVAC or plumbing-related emergency and need help immediately, either call us directly or use the button below.

Why do our HVAC techs and plumbers enjoy calls to Oakland so much? That’s easy – it’s such a centrally located, diverse city, and one of the cultural hubs of the west coast. We’re there fairly often. Then of course you’ve got Lake Merritt which is an undisputed gem (who wouldn’t enjoy an afternoon stroll along Lakeshore Ave…).

All the homeowners we’ve dealt with in Oakland have been a treat, but more on that in a minute. For now, let’s give you the core benefits of working with Bell Brothers.

Bell Bros: The Five Core Benefits Of Working With Our Team

  • Comprehensive HVAC Services: Consider Bell Bro your #1 go-to resource for all your home HVAC needs. We can have a truck there in a jiffy if you need AC or Furnace repairs, preventative maintenance and ongoing tune-ups, or complete replacement unit installations. No pressure sales, nonsense, or gimmicks. Just outstanding results and service. This has been our bread & butter service for tens of thousands of families.
  • Full Residential Plumbing Services: Whether you’re dealing with simple plumbing issues like leaky faucets, leaky pipes or clogs, or more extensive issues that involve your sewer system or fixture installations, Bell Bro plumbers are experts. Don’t take our word for it, we’ve got thousands of plumbing reviews you can browse at your convenience.
  • Get Good Deeds For Free™: This is a long-standing program we created that gives our techs and plumbers the green light to help with little good deeds around your home for free, as part of the service – wash dishes, sweep the garage, rake those leaves, fix that pesky doorbell finally, move the TV – anything to make the service experience better.
  • Genuine ‘Family-First’ Coverage: If there’s one info-nugget you take to heart from this page, hopefully it’s this – when you work with Bell Bros you get fantastic coverage. We stand by our work 100% and you’ll be hard-pressed to find a more reliable installer warranty. Family-run companies like ours understand what true peace of mind means.
  • 30+ Years of Local History: After three decades serving not just families across Oakland but across the Central Valley, we’ve come to be known as the No Surprise Guys. This means you’re not going to be surprised by our pricing, process, or service professionals. And they’re not going to be surprised by the issues you’re dealing with.

What Our Customers Are Saying…

Now that you’ve got a much better feeling for who Bell Brothers is and what kind of company we’re running, let’s let some of our recent customers do the talking. In the next couple examples you’ll see major themes we put serious emphasis on – transparency, service, saving people money, no-pressure sales of any kind, and friendliness.

This first one is from a homeowner in your Oakland, CA neck of the woods. They’re among our many thousands of ongoing services members.

“Bell Brothers performed maintenance on my HVAC today as part of a preferred customer plan. The rooftop unit was really dirty because of ash from the fires – the technician cleaned it very thoroughly and took pictures to show me. I use Bell Brothers for plumbing too and I have always found them to be courteous and professional.”

Absolutely, we’re here for you when years are easy and the weather’s cooperating, and during the tough years when our area of California deals with its share of seasonal challenges.

“Excellent service. Very professional. Didn’t try to sell me something I didn’t need. In fact my tech saved me a few thousand dollars with a simple modification to my current A/C unit. Gave a detailed presentation of the products and their quality. I’m very pleased with the service.”

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Honestly, Oakland homeowners have nothing to lose by reaching out to Bell Brothers – your reliable resource for HVAC+Plumbing services and more. Our professional staff will be happy to answer your questions, address concerns, or get your information so we can send a technician or plumber out to your property pronto! Thanks so much for your time today, and we look forward to hearing from you.