Better Air, Better Sleep: HVAC Upgrades for High-Quality Sleep

HVAC Upgrades for High-Quality Sleep

Are you one of the 164 million Americans that have trouble falling asleep or staying asleep? If you found our blog by searching “high-quality sleep” or something similar on Google, take comfort knowing you’re not alone! Several different factors contribute to sleepless nights —like stress and overstimulation – but before you go blaming your mattress or your significant other’s snoring, one reason you might not have considered is poor air quality. We are going to explore four  HVAC upgrades for better air and high-quality sleep.

But first let’s talk about how better air has to do with better sleep.

How Better Air Helps You Sleep Better

When we can’t take in a deep breath, we have a hard time switching out of Fight-or-Flight mode, which keeps us from being able to truly relax and get the rest we need. Research shows that fresh air and cooler climates can make a big impact on how well you sleep during the night. Simply opening up a window can make a big difference, as indoor air is often much more polluted than the air outdoors. Thanks to cleaning supplies, air fresheners, aerosol cans, and paint, the air in your home could be riddled with chemicals.

HVAC Upgrades for High-Quality Sleep

However, sleeping with the window open isn’t always possible, when taking the weather into account. If you have seasonal allergies, this could even make your situation worse. Get high-quality sleep tonight with some simple HVAC upgrades that Bell Brothers can perform for you.

1. HVAC Maintenance

Maintaining your HVAC system is one of the best ways to improve the air quality in your home, short of completely replacing your unit. Maintenance services can give your HVAC unit the little pick-me-up it needs to do its job more efficiently: circulate clean air throughout your home to ensure your comfort.

At Bell Brothers, we offer a 30-point inspection for your HVAC unit, which includes ensuring proper airflow, checking for leaks in the ductwork, checking for proper ventilation from the exhaust flue, and much more! Here’s a comprehensive checklist for our 30-point HVAC furnace tune-up.

HVAC Upgrades for High-Quality Sleep

30-Point HVAC Furnace Tune-Up

  1. Check/clean flame sensor
  2. Check and monitor indoor blow motor amps
  3. Check and monitor inducer motor amps
  4. Check blower wheel for even run
  5. Check burners for proper burn
  6. Check capacitor(s)
  7. Check electrical wiring
  8. Check for gas leaks within 10 feet of the equipment
  9. Check for proper airflow
  10. Check high voltage and low voltage connections
  11. Check hot surface igniter or pilot light
  12. Check pressure switch
  13. Check safety devices
  14. Check safety pan/drain lines/platform
  15. Check safety shut off valve
  16. Check temperature rise
  17. Check thermostat for proper operation
  18. Clean blower wheel compartment
  19. Clean burners and orifices
  20. Inspect/clean air filter
  21. Inspect ductwork for leaks
  22. Inspect plenum or distribution box
  23. Inspect evaporator coil and pan
  24. Inspect exhaust flue for proper fit and venting
  25. Lubricate indoor motor
  26. Measure static pressure return and supply
  27. Safety inspection on heat exchanger and faceplate
  28. Set gas valve pressure
  29. Verify airflow
  30. Inspect furnace compartment

To get a more comprehensive idea on what occurs during our 30-point HVAC inspection, check out one of our blogs, What’s Involved in a Professional Furnace Tune-Up?

If you’re ready to finally catch some Zs, schedule an appointment with a Bell Brothers representative to have maintenance services performed on your HVAC unit.

2. UV Air Purification Services

Simply staying on top of your air filter replacements can significantly improve your indoor quality. However, that means that you’re only breathing clean air immediately after your filter is replaced – if you’re relying on this solution alone. We recommend UV air purification services for more efficient air filtration.

At Bell Brothers, we offer the ActivTek’s INDUCT 2000 UV air filtration system. Once installed, air can pass through UV light beaming inside the system. UV light purifies the air by removing small particles, like bacteria, which pass easily through your HVAC system’s standard air filter.

HVAC Upgrades for High-Quality Sleep

Put away your portable air purifier, and let a true air purifier purify the air inside your home. Breathe easy, and sleep better.

3. Duct System Replacements

If you find that you have to replace your air filter more often than recommended (we recommend every 30 to 60 days), it may be time for new ductwork. There could be a leak in your ducts that’s letting in more debris than usual. The best thing to do in this situation is to have your duct system replaced by a licensed HVAC professional.

Some other signs that you should replace your duct system to improve your quality of sleep are: an abnormal amount of dust in your home, a strong mildew smell, or a noisy HVAC system.

When you have your ductwork replaced, you’ll immediately reap the benefits. Your indoor air quality will be dramatically improved, making it easier for you to relax at night, so you can get a better night’s sleep. A bonus you’ll also find is that your HVAC system will run more efficiently and that your energy bills will be lower!

4. HVAC Unit Replacements

Regular maintenance, UV air purifiers and replacing your ductwork can greatly improve your indoor air quality. However, if your HVAC system was installed longer than 10 years ago, you’re spending inconceivable amounts of money on repairs, or you’re still uncomfortable in your home, then it’s time to replace your HVAC system. Newer HVAC models are more energy efficient, which allows them to heat or cool your home more quickly and efficiently. That’s because they can regulate airflow better, which automatically improves your indoor air quality.

When our Bell Brothers technicians replace HVAC units for our customers, they consider the size of your home, how often you use your HVAC system, energy efficiency, and customer budget. They work hard to offer a solution that works best for you and your needs!

Bonus Tip

Sometimes indoor air quality can be hindered for reasons outside your HVAC system’s control. Even if you’re working hard to keep your indoor air purified using HVAC upgrades, it won’t matter as much if you have air leaks around your windows. If your purified air is slipping through cracks in the sealant or even cracks in the glass, then your HVAC unit is having to work harder to circulate the air through your home, which can create even more indoor air quality concerns.

If your windows have air leaks, it’s time to consider upgrading them with Bell Brothers. We offer FREE estimates on window replacements!  Right now, we have a special for 10% off whole-house window installation! Give us a call today for more details or to schedule your estimate. .

Ready for High-Quality Sleep? Call Bell Brothers.

At Bell Brothers we offer all of the HVAC upgrades you just read about! We can perform maintenance services on your HVAC unit, purify your air with UV air filtration system and replace your ductwork. Call “The No Surprise Guys” for exceptional customer service, reliable HVAC services, and upfront pricing! Get ready to have cleaner air and better sleep!