Common Questions About Heat Pumps | Heat Pump FAQ

Anything that falls in the realm of HVAC can seem complicated to those who haven’t trained in the field. It’s tough to even distinguish a heat pump from your traditional HVAC unit, for example. With this in mind, you probably have a lot of questions about heat pumps (whether you currently own one or this is your first time learning about them) – you’re not alone. Here are the most common questions about heat pumps in our Heat Pump FAQ list:

Already Own a Heat Pump? These Heat Pump FAQs May Help.

My Heat Pump Is Steaming. What’s Wrong?

Heat pumps commonly go through a defrost cycle. Much like your HVAC unit can frost over, your heat pump can experience the same. As your heat pump heats your home, the frost (frozen condensation on the unit) can heat up and steam. This is perfectly normal! There’s nothing wrong with your heat pump. Unless: the defrost cycle lasts longer than 15 minutes. If you see your unit steaming for an extended period of time, it’s time to call a professional.

Do Heat Pumps Need Maintenance?

The short answer to this question is: Yes! Like your HVAC unit, your heat pump also needs regular maintenance. The question now is: How often does your heat pump require maintenance? Twice a year maintenance checkups and inspections for your heat pump will do just fine.

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How Often Should I Replace My Heat Pump’s Air Filter?

Air filters, whether they’re for your HVAC unit or your heat pump, should be replaced about once a month. You might get away with replacing it every three months, but monthly is recommended by most HVAC professionals.

Should I Cover My Outdoor Heat Pump in the Winter?

No, in order for your heat pump to function properly your heat pump must be able to pull in the outdoor air through its vents and travel it to the top unit. Covering your heat pump may actually cause damage to your system.

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Does My Heat Pump Need to Be Replaced?

If your heat pump is giving you repeated issues, and you’re spending more and more on the cost of repairs, then you might consider having your heat pump replaced. Sometimes your unit is just old and tired and can’t be fixed. If your heat pump is 10 years old or older, call a professional about replacing your heat pump.

Is It Possible to Repair My Heat Pump Myself?

Sadly, while there are many DIY heat pump tips online, you shouldn’t try to repair it yourself. Your heat pump is set to an electrical circuit of 240 volts. Tampering with your heat pump yourself can lead to shock or electrocution. HVAC technicians are trained to deal with this level of electricity safely, so it’s really best to call a professional if your heat pump needs repairs.

New to Heat Pumps? These Heat Pump FAQs May Help.

What Is a Heat Pump? How Does a Heat Pump Work?

While a heat pump looks exactly the same as your HVAC system and has, basically, the same function, it operates a little differently. A heat pump gets its name from transferring heat, either into your home or out of it. If it’s hot outside, the heat pump takes the hot air in your home and pushes it back outside, cooling your home. If it’s cold outside, then the heat pump does the opposite.

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Are Heat Pumps Just for Heating or Can They Cool My Home Too?

Despite what their name suggests, heat pumps do more than heat your home. They can cool it down too!

What’s the Difference Between SEER and HSPF on Heat Pumps?

SEER is an acronym that stands for Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio. HSPF stands for Heating Season Performance Factor. The SEER setting makes sure your heat pump is cooling at an efficient rate, while HSPF does the same when your heat pump is working to heat your home.

How Long Do Heat Pumps Usually Last?

The lifespan of your heat pump will vary based on a few different factors: namely, how often you use it, when it was originally manufactured, and whether it received maintenance services in the recommended timeframe (every year, at least). Assuming your heat pump was new when you got it, and you’ve been taking good care of it this whole time, your heat pump could last up to 15 years, but it’s more likely that your unit will last around 10.

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How Much Do Heat Pumps Cost?

We’re sure you’re tired of reading this, but the truth is: It depends. The cost of your heat pump will depend on the model you choose, whether or not installation costs are roped into the final bill (which will make your heat pump seem more expensive, but it won’t be), and a few other factors. Call the Bell Brothers office to speak with one of our friendly representatives about the cost of our heat pumps and heat pump installation. We want to help our neighbors in any way we can, even if that just means giving you the information you need.

Bell Brothers Specials

We’re not currently running any specials on heat pumps, but we do have a few deals that could help you keep a grip on your spending if you need a new heat pump. For instance, we’re giving cash for old, worn-out HVAC units. If your unit is 10 years old or older, we’re offering up to $1,250 for it. This will go toward the cost of a new HVAC unit and can make the cost of a heat pump seem less daunting. (What’s more: A newer, more efficient HVAC model will make your heat pump work better, so this is really something to think about!)

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