Covering HVAC Costs in Roseville in Your Rent-to-Own Home with Financing and Rebates

blog-icon-specialsLast week, we talked about Roseville’s new lease-to-own plan for non-traditional homeowners and the importance of taking care of HVAC. Of course, and repairs or upgrades to your HVAC system costs money, and new homeowners aren’t exactly known for being flush with cash. So this week, we’ll discuss how homeowners can afford work on their HVAC and other home improvements, even if they don’t have the cash up front. If you’re a homeowner — in Roseville or not — you maybe be surprised how reasonable this work can be. Between rebates, financing, and energy savings, maintaining and upgrading your HVAC system is always a solid investment in the future of your home. 

Determine the Scope of Work with a Free Home Assessment

Not many companies offer free services, but Bell Brothers does just that. If you want to work on your house, but you’re not sure what’s most important, call us for a free home performance assessment. We’ll send an expert to meet you in your home and go over ways it can be improved. Ever consider sealing up the holes and gaps in your ducts? Many people never would unless an industry professional recommended it, but it can drastically improve your energy efficiency. That’s exactly the sort of free advice you’ll get from us.

We’ll also prioritize the work to be done. A client in Rancho last month had an AC that needed to be replaced, but we figured they could get another year of use out of it. What was more important was a duct rerouting and some attic insulation that were big causes of the AC’s untimely demise in the first place. We helped the client perform that low-cost work and apply for rebates; we also put them on track to get a loan for a new system to be installed next January.

Finding Rebates for HVAC Upgrades

Rebates help fund projects in your home that help you use less energy, and this is particularly important now with California’s time-of-use laws soon to go into effect. Rebates can sound like an exhaustive onslaught of paperwork that’s not worth the money and the hassle, but rebates are actually pretty simple. First, you pay the upfront costs for projects to make your home more energy-efficient. Because your utility company wants everyone to use less energy (thanks to governmental guidelines), they’ll then cut you a check for part of that cost. 

All of this needs to go through a certified contractor like Bell Brothers, who will serve as a middleman between you and the utility company and do all the paperwork for you. Bell Brothers is known for helping homeowners get the best rebates — in fact, we’re the number one rebate company in the area. After your energy assessment, we’ll talk with you about any work we’d suggest based on our years of experience, and then we’ll fill out the paperwork. We’ll complete the job in your home and get you a rebate check ASAP.

Finding a Loan to Finance Home Upgrades

We’re not telling you not to get a loan through your regular lending institution, but there are some amazing loan options out there through various financing methods. HERO and PACE loans are especially attractive because of their low rates and the fact that they stay with the property, not the person. That idea isn’t necessarily intuitive, so here’s an example of how that works:

A client of ours in West Sacramento wanted a new furnace last year. He applied for and got a HERO loan to pay for the furnace and the work. We installed the furnace in October, and in December, he suddenly got transferred to Miami for his job. It was a great opportunity for him, but what about those payments? It wouldn’t be fair for our client to pay that loan if he’s not getting the benefits of a furnace anymore. And with HERO loans, he doesn’t have to because these loans stay with the property, not the borrower. This is a great option for families and homeowners who aren’t sure just how long they’ll be in their home. 

A Financing for Everyone

No matter what your financial situation, Bell Brothers is the best in the business when it’s time to help you pay for needed improvements. We’re not just HVAC (or plumbing or solar) guys. We’re also financial advisors and rebate-getting-experts, thanks to years of experience with these programs. We want to help you figure out what’s needed for your home and how best to pay for it. Get in touch with us today and find out what we can do for you.