Why HVAC Matters for Homeowners Considering Roseville’s New Lease-to-Own Program

blog-icon-hvacRoseville’s new lease-to-own home program is designed to do one thing: put people in a position of home ownership who might not otherwise be able to get a down payment scraped together. This is a really cool idea, especially with the skyrocketing prices of California real estate. Our parents had a much easier time buying a house than we did, and we know that today many folks struggle to get a large amount of money together for the down payment required. We’re talking about hard-working people who could pay the mortgage every month without a problem; after all, many of them have rented at higher rates their entire lives without issue.

If you’re one of those people, there are a lot of things that come with home ownership that you don’t deal with when you rent. You have to figure out what’s a big issue and what isn’t. With that prioritization, it’s easy to leave your HVAC system out of the equation in favor of more tangible needs. But this is a common mistake many people make, and the result can be expensive repair or replacement bills. Today we’ll talk about the importance of paying attention to your HVAC system, as well as small things you can do to improve its performance.

Why HVAC Is Important for New Homeowners

In your mind’s eye, picture the most expensive thing in your house. You may have gone to the television, your guitar collection, or maybe a car sitting in the garage. We’re willing to bet that your AC Condenser or HVAC system didn’t come to mind at all  but it should! Just because you don’t see it doesn’t mean it’s not there, and just because you can’t sell it on Craigslist doesn’t mean it’s not valuable. Take it from us — when things go wrong with HVAC systems, it can get very expensive, even with a repair technician who’s on the up-and-up and good at their job.

It’s not all about money, though. Poorly-maintained HVAC systems can send mold into your house, flood your home, put you at risk for fire, and leak dangerous chemicals into the area. This sounds scary, and it can be. Safety is one big reason we train so long and hard to work on this stuff. The point is that your HVAC system is a complicated and potentially hazardous network of equipment that can’t be ignored just because it seems to be working right.

And it’s also vital to your own health and comfort. (Imagine Roseville summers without AC!) Hot doesn’t begin to cover it. Winter wouldn’t be much fun without heat, either — it may be temperate here, but it still gets chilly. If you have family members or pets, they depend on the HVAC system to maintain their climate, which keeps them comfortable and safe. Heat illness is no joke, and it can even occur inside.

Cheap HVAC Tips for New Homeowners

The biggest thing you can do is maintain your system. Spending a little bit of money on a regular basis will ensure your system’s filters are being changed, the system is being cleaned, and all the potential areas of concern are inspected. Of course, although this is a pretty reasonable expenditure, it’s also the most neglected piece of HVAC care. Consider joining a maintenance club to lower the (already-low) costs of regular maintenance as well as get deals on repair work.

The fact is, most big HVAC problems were once small HVAC problems. We’ve seen plenty of clients whose small rattling noises turned into system replacements. And it would have been a lot cheaper to fix the noise than replace the system. It would have been even cheaper if we’d caught it during a routine twice-yearly inspection.

Improving your system’s performance is also a good way to ensure overall HVAC health. Often this looks like improving your home, a topic we’ve talked about a lot in the past. When you improve your home’s efficiency, you make the job of the HVAC system a lot easier. That’s why, for example, the cost of attic insulation (usually a few hundred bucks) is worth the big payoff in the long run (thousands in energy bill savings over the rest of your system’s life). Insulation, in general, is a great investment, as are windows that retain heat and cold.

If you maintain your system regularly, address small issues before they start, and complete a few basic home upgrades, you’ll be 90% of the way towards great HVAC ownership. The payoff in comfort, safety, and saved money is worth it. Bell Brothers Heating and Air has been in the business for 25 years now, and if you’re a new Roseville homeowner who’s used to letting the landlord handle HVAC issues, you should give us a call. We love talking to people, and we can discuss your HVAC needs as well as answer any questions you might have. We want to be your partner in your home, which is why we’ll be talking in the next blog post about home upgrades in more detail, loans that stay with your house (not you), and HVAC financing.