Elk Grove Air Conditioning Repair: How to Break a Cycle of Costly HVAC Service Calls

Did you know that about 10 years ago the U.S. Census Bureau claimed that Elk Grove was the fastest growing city in the country? While growth has slowed a bit from that nation-leading pace, it has remained steady over the last decade. Long-time Elk Grove residents have had to adapt to many changes in their city, like more traffic, more noise, and longer drive times. But, more residents also bring benefits, like better jobs and an increase in tax dollars. Things are different, but we’ve adapted well. All the changes have been for the better!

There’s a lesson about Elk Grove air conditioning repair here. If you’ve never gotten regular AC maintenance, it may be hard to image fitting something new into your schedule, like an annual heating and air service. Maybe you have a newer unit that seemingly hasn’t needed much attention. Whatever the reason, it’s time to change your thinking and embrace the idea that doing things differently might be for the better.

A new habit of getting preventive AC maintenance and repairs done on a yearly basis is a change that can help avoid more costly service calls down the road when the Elk Grove summer blazes into full swing. There are far too many fabulous goings-on in our once tiny town these days; why waste time and stress on an AC unit that goes out unexpectedly in the middle of summer?

Healthy Elk Grove Air Conditioning Repair Habits

elk grove air conditioning service and repairTo break a cycle of costly AC emergencies, the most important step towards healthy Elk Grove air conditioning repair habits is to adhere to an annual AC preventative maintenance checklist. Let’s look at a few of the actions homeowners should take on a yearly basis:

  1. Clean dirt, leaves, and other debris from the unit’s cabinet. From Sacramento down to Elk Grove and up through Placer County, our area got pounded with rain this winter. Yards all over have more fallen debris than usual. Be sure nothing is obstructing your outdoor AC unit.
  2. Replace dirty filters. This needs to be done monthly, but it’s especially important each spring before heavy AC use starts when temps in Elk Grove rise for the summer. You can do it yourself or you can enlist the help of an HVAC company that offers a regular filter replacement plan, which means they will stop by whenever a new filter is needed so you don’t have to worry about remembering to do it yourself.
  3. Inspect your AC unit for proper refrigerant levels. If refrigerant levels are too low, you should call a trained HVAC tech. Refrigerant is a potentially hazardous chemical—don’t mess with it yourself.
  4. Inspect the coil, cabinet, motor, fan blades, base pan, control box, and compressor. Basically, it’s a good idea to inspect every part of the AC in the spring before the hot weather roasts your HVAC. I highly recommend having an experienced tech do this service, which is generally included in an annual spring air conditioner repair or check-up. AC equipment is complicated, and professional know-how will make a big difference when it comes to ensuring everything HVAC-related is in working order for our Elk Grove summer.

Should Your Elk Grove Air Conditioning Repair Calls Focus on Replacement?

Neglecting preventative maintenance is not the sole cause of costly repair habits. Our Elk Grove air conditioner repair and maintenance lessons above are valuable but, for some homeowners, the real problem may be that the unit has aged out of its usefulness timeframe. Anyone who’s lived in Elk Grove for generations should know how this works—the same thing happens with the farm equipment once so prevalent around here. So, it’s important to also know the signs that your AC needs to be replaced. I’ve talked about the 10 signs in the past, but I think the one that is most important for homeowners concerned about avoiding a costly air conditioning repair and service habit is knowing the lifespan of the average AC unit.

After about 10 years of use, an AC unit usually needs to be replaced, especially in a place like Elk Grove where the average high temperature in both July and August is well over 90 degrees.

After about 10 years of use, an AC unit usually needs to be replaced, especially in a place like Elk Grove where the average high temperature in both July and August is well over 90 degrees. That leads to a lot of use, which can shorten the lifespan of the air conditioning unit. In my experience, homeowners who neglect regular annual maintenance are far more likely to have to buy a new unit at the 10-year mark, while those who have been conscientious about check-ups can usually expect their AC to last about 15 years or so. I should also note that regular check-ups and maintenance become even more important after an air conditioner hits the 10-year mark, kind of like how your doctor tells you to get an annual physical when you get to a certain age.

…those who have been conscientious about checkups can expect their AC to last about 15 years or so.

When it does come time to replace your AC unit, get in touch with a local, trained HVAC professional. Since we live in a climate where the summers are hot enough to necessitate AC, but the winters cool enough to need a solid furnace, it’s a good idea to replace your furnace and air conditioner at the same time in the interest of both cost and energy efficiency.

Elk Grove air conditioner repair is something I’ve been involved in for many years, and I still have an office down in the city. I’ve watched the city grow up and change quite a bit over the last decade, and I’ve adapted just like everyone else who lives here. I know changing the ways that you have always done things can be tough, but I also know that the cost of an annual AC checkup is far lower than the cost of a major emergency repair that comes out of nowhere.

Think about it like your car. You wouldn’t drive 15,000 miles in a year without getting, at the very least, an oil change. Otherwise, you could very well end up having to pay for far more serious problems with the critical parts of your engine. Your AC unit is much the same way. So have an HVAC tech out to look at your air conditioner every spring and each fall. You’ll find yourself breaking your bad heating and air service call habits.

Don’t fall into a cycle of costly repairs. Call the trained professionals at Bell Brothers to start a healthy AC maintenance schedule today.

Image courtesy Unsplash user Alexander Dummer