My Air Conditioner is Not Turning On

Why is my air conditioner not turning on?If we’re already feeling the heat that Spring has brought to Sacramento, we can only imagine what this summer will be like. In one word, hot. It’ll be really, really hot. And the heat just doesn’t stop in Sacramento. Our communities in Stockton, Vacaville, and the East Bay also feel the heat.

There’s almost nothing worse than coming home, expecting a comfortable home, and feeling no cool whatsoever. At Bell Brothers, we recommend scheduling two tune-ups per year to ensure that your system is working efficiently throughout summer and winter. However, we understand some homeowner like to live on the edge.

If you’re already running their AC without having its yearly maintenance tune-up, here are some things to look for if your air conditioner is not turning on or if it’s not working as well as you remember.

Your Air Conditioning Won’t Turn On

When the rest of your system seems to start up just fine except for the condenser, you could be looking at an issue with the circuit breaker. Oftentimes, when we see this, it’s because something tripped the circuit breaker.

All you need to do is reset everything. If resetting everything doesn’t work, it’s time to move to step two.

Your next step should be to check your thermostat. Think of the thermostat as the remote control of your entire HVAC system. If it doesn’t work, your system doesn’t know what to do.

Start by replacing the batteries or simply, turning it off then turning it back on again. When neither of these methods work, indicators can point to a wiring issue or possibly something bigger.

The AC Doesn’t Cool Evenly

When you have central heating or air, all the temperature treated air is distributed through a series of metal tubes called ducts or ductwork. These pliable metal tubes attach from your furnace to the supply and return vents in your home.

When your home isn’t cooling evenly it means that one room will feel like an icebox while another feels like a sauna. Properly installed and functioning ductwork ensures air is distributed evenly through your home. But if there is a clog, leak, or if something is broken, it can cause the ducts to malfunction.

Another component of your ductwork are dampers. These are little devices that control how much air is going into which vent.
When your AC doesn’t cool evenly, it could be issues pertaining to your ductwork or dampers.

The Air Conditioner is not Turning on At All

Is your AC on but no cold air comes out? This is an indicator that your system is low on refrigerant or there’s a refrigerant leak.

All condensers need refrigerant to do their job properly. This chemical removes the heat from your air. A properly functioning condensers will not require more refrigerant. It’s a different story when you’re dealing with a leak or broken line.

Don’t think about trying to top off the refrigerant yourself. It’s a harmful substance that needs to be handled by licensed professionals. Like the HVAC experts at Bell Brothers.

The Condenser Turns on and Off

When your condenser repeatedly turns on and off, it could be attributed to one of two things. Either a safety sensor is triggered, or your system is short cycling.

When the pressure in your condenser drops below a certain level, it can trigger a safety alert that will shut down the machine. When the pressure stabilizes again, your condenser will turn back on until the pressure builds again.

When a system short cycles it means your AC can’t properly complete a cooling cycle, so it’s constantly turning on and off.

This can happen when an air conditioner is too big for a home. Meaning the air conditioner will prematurely cool your home, causing it to stop cycling short of completion. On the other side, if your AC is too small, it’ll constantly turn on and off, unable to reach the preferred temperature and never completing a full cycle.

Common AC Problems

We all start to break down with age, so does your air conditioner. No matter how many tune-ups, with enough time and use your air conditioner will start to show signs of aging. Here are some things to watch for and correct as soon as possible to prolong the life of your air conditioner:

  • Wiring – Your AC requires electricity to work. That means there are a lot of electrical wires running through the entire system. Sometimes normal wear and tear can cause wiring to come loose, other times a critter may have bitten through the wrong thing. Either way, when you schedule your AC tune-up, make sure to ask your technician about the wiring.
  • Refrigerant Shortages – We talked briefly about refrigerant shortages above, but it’s so important we’re going to mention it again. Leaking refrigerant is something that should be addressed right away by an HVAC professional. Sings of a leak or broken line need to be fixed immediately.
  • Icy Build Up – If there is a clog, or something is really dirty, it can cause ice build up inside your condenser. Ice can even build up on the evaporator coils or outside the unit. In most cases, you just need to change the air filter and the problem should be fixed.
  • Dirty Evaporator Coils, Filters, and Condensers – There’s a reason we always tell people to change their air filter. The air filter has two jobs. It cleans the air in your home and keeps dust and other debris out of your HVAC system. A dirty air filter can lead to a dirty system.
  • Faulty Motors – The blower motor is an important part of your system. If it breaks, you could be looking at a whole system replacement. This motor needs to run properly for the system to work. Anything that causes the motor to run at half-speed or ice over can put way too much strain on your system.
  • Faulty Compressors – Without your compressor you would have no cold air. It pumps compressed refrigerant through your system. This is an easy part to replace. If something is wrong with it, you can avoid system failure by making sure the compressor is in tip top shape.
  • Faulty Thermostats – Thermostat technology has come a long way. While we still offer the classic dial, there are now smart thermostats you can manager directly from your cell phone.A faulty thermostat can lead to a huge number of problems. An updated thermostat can save you time and money when it comes to prolonging the lifespan of your HVAC system.

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