What is BTU and Why Does it Matter for Air Conditioning?

What is BTU and Why Does it Matter for Air Conditioning?Like everything else in this world, when it comes to your air conditioning, numbers matter. There are a lot of numbers and terms to keep in mind when making the choice to invest in a new system. There’s EER and SEER ratings. Same goes for amperage and voltage. However, there’s one number that you should care about the most. It’s BTU. If you’re wondering what is BTU is and why it matters, we have the answers below.

What is BTU?

The quick answer is British Thermal Units. BTU stands for British Thermal Units. And they are a type of measurement.

BTUs measure energy. BTUs are measured in temperature. One BTU is the amount of energy required to raise the temperature of one pound of water by one degree Fahrenheit.

It’s easy to compare BTUs to calories. A certain number of calories are needed per day to give you energy and keep you functioning. Too many calories and that could upset the whole system.

Just like calories, you want to make sure your HVAC system is getting the right number of BTUs. Too few or too much means your system won’t work well.

Why Does BTU Matter for Air Conditioning?

What does BTU matter for air conditioning? You’ll want to look at the BTU number because that determines how much power the unit has. However, it’s important to keep in mind that different numbers and different BTU levels do different jobs.

This number can be tricky. The more BTUs a unit has, the faster it can change the temperature of your home. But a high BTU can also lead to a high price tag and high utility bills if you choose something too big for your space.

How do I Know the Right Size?

It’s a myth when they say, “bigger is better.” When it comes to your HVAC systems and number of BTUs, a system that’s too large can cause a lot of problems.

At Bell Brothers we teach our techs that no two systems or homes are the same. Every HVAC system is chosen for your specific needs. When we come to evaluate your system, our techs look at things like ceiling height, home placement, and insulation before offering any suggestions.

What AC Unit is Best for My Home?

The best type of AC system for your home depends on your individual living situation. If you’re living in a small apartment or renting a room, we recommend either a portable AC unit or a window unit.

However, when it comes to our homeowners, they have the choice between a central air system, or a mini-split, sometimes called a ductless, system.

Both systems are made of two components, an outdoor condenser, and in indoor unit. If you only have a furnace, central AC is the best option. We recommend central air conditioning to customers who have existing ductwork.

If you live in an older home, or a newer home without existing ductwork, the mini-split option is great. As the name implies, mini-splits do not need existing ductwork to provide comfortable, reliable treated air.

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